The last of our brand new Polka Dot Bride features is a favourite amongst the Polka Dot team- Cocktail Friday! Each Friday we’ll be bringing you the recipe (it is Polka Dot Made after all) for a favourite cocktail of ours and every now and then (like today) you’ll even get it made personally for you by the Polka Dot team. (Yes that involves taste testing cocktails in the middle of the day, or if you’re like Ms Gingham, before breakfast).

Today I would like to introduce you to “The Fringe”. This recipe comes from one of my very dear friends, who invented it. So I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it with the world (we drink it often, so I think she’d like it to catch on!) This is a lovely Summer cocktail that has a mix of sweet, nutty and tart. So it’s beautifully refreshing on a Summer’s day!


– Half a lime cut into two wedges

– 125 ml ginger beer of your choice (we use the really sharp ginger taste of Bundaberg Ginger Beer)

– 10 ml Frangelico (add more to taste)

– 2 ice cubes


1. Place ice cubes into a low ball glass

2. Pour in ginger beer

3. Pour in Frangelico

4. Squeeze in one of your lime wedges (squeeze more to taste)

5. With a muddler (or lazy girl’s way out, a spoon) stir ingredients together

6. Enjoy!