Photo from Aman Resorts via Amanpulo, The Phillipines. – Nothing around this resort for miles

Imagine arriving at your honeymoon resort to find that the smooth sand beach and swimming cove are a stone’s throw from the island’s airport. It’s hard to unwind when 747s are gliding in deafeningly so close to your head you can read the lettering on the side of the plane, and everything in your hotel suite rattles every ten minutes as each plane approaches and departs. Imagine how icky it would feel to swim in that ocean cove, knowing there’s probably some airplane fuel and oils in there.

That’s one thing they don’t bring to your attention on a resort’s splashy, colorful, dreamy-looking website. “Hey, we’re right across from the airport!” isn’t something they want you to realize. So before you confirm your honeymoon or destination wedding bookings, take some time to geo-locate your resort on the island or in the city where it’s situated. Google Maps will give you a fine look at how far from aviation central your resort is, and calm your fears.

It’s not just airports, though. I searched a resort recently and found that it was right next to a popular amusement park. The sounds of people screaming on roller coasters wasn’t my worry… but the crazy parking and a hotel filled with families and over-sugared children was. It was a good thing I looked at what’s near the resort.

Another item your search will turn up is how complicated it will be to get to your honeymoon resort. If you have no idea where it’s located on the island, you could find yourself on a super-crowded shuttle bus that stops at every resort along the way. Or, if the resort has its own ferry, you absolutely must check the fine print to be sure that the ferry ride is free. Some resorts charge a hefty ‘transfer fee’ per guest in order for you to reach your destination.

And yet another item to research is how far your resort is from the attractions and shopping centers, restaurants and beaches you plan to visit. It can be a stunner to find that the cabs you have to take charge a jaw-dropping fee because they know they’re the only game in town. You’re not going to walk four hours along windy, cliff-drop roads just to catch lunch at a local-favorite-eatery.

Make it a high-priority research mission to get a wider view of your resort’s setting, making sure you get the beautiful, peaceful, romantic, and adventurous honeymoon you had in mind.

Ms Gingham says: Truly that’s one thing that I would never have thought to do but will be doing now before any holiday! Thanks for the great tip Sharon!

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