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Diann Valentine, host of the WeTV show “I Do Over” speaks at many elite wedding professional conferences, some in the most exclusive resorts in the world, and at a recent gathering of inspired wedding experts, Diann was quoted as saying (and I’m paraphrasing here!) “I ask for everything I can, and I’ll take what they give me.”

That gem is great advice not just for wedding experts but for you, the bride and groom, as well. You have tremendous negotiating power to get freebies and add-ons from wedding vendors who like you… which means you’re using the proverbial honey to attract sweet rewards. For example, as your friendly rapport grows with your florist, it’s smart to ask for any overflow materials your floral designer has in his or her workrooms. The designer gets to clear those glass vases out of storage, and you get free centerpiece vases.

On your honeymoon, tell the hotel’s booking agent and concierge that you’re newlyweds, and watch how fast you receive free strawberries and champagne in your room, prime seating at dinner, free scuba or snorkeling equipment, tickets to a breakfast sail, and more. Want a better room when you check in? All you have to do is ask. Countless brides and grooms have asked for an upgrade to a suite or beachfront room, and — if it’s not booked — they get to move right into it.

It can never hurt to ask for the things you’d like. As Diann relates, you might not get all that you ask for, but you might get some terrific perks you didn’t expect. So don’t be shy… but be sweet, polite and respectful, because vendors admit that they do play favorites among their brides and grooms. The ones they enjoy working with, who listen to them, respect their time, and are fun to partner with — those are the ones who get those freebies. And all they had to do was ask. Disclaimer: Asking for any extras is a great idea. Upgrades on hotel rooms, activities and food and beverages can be offered to you if you let people know that you are honeymooning. Remember, however, that when it comes to booking your wedding vendors, a good vendor will be able to itemize costs and are very likely to offer excellent value for money. Make sure you do your homework before booking your vendors and never let price alone be the deciding factor.

Ms Gingham says: It can never hurt to ask but like Sharon points out, never be aggressive or annoying and above all, don’t take anything for granted.

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