Felicia and Derek

Late last year I was dusting off my archives and stumbled across this beautiful shoot Nattnee Photography had sent me. I think it’s time to let it see the light with it’s fantastic concept, inspired by a movie!

Nattnee explains, “For our shoot, inspiration came from the movie In the Mood for Love. Set in 1960s Hong Kong, it tells a tale of nobly unrequited love. In it the female lead, Maggie Cheung, wears upwards of 20 different qipaos, or traditional Chinese dresses.”

“Armed with a retro inspired black dress, a couple of qipaos (traditional Chinese dresses) and a conveniently borrowed Jaguar, we set about recreating the feel of the movie. The final series of shots was taken inside the Vietnamese restaurant SaigonSaigon, who were kind enough to let us utilise their facilities prior to dinner service.””