Dear Bridesmaids,

Your dresses are gorgeous. You look beautiful!  So put your heads up and smile, as you come down the aisle. We all want to see your faces…

That’s it. That’s much better. Now the photographer can see your face. And so can we.

Now slow down, don’t rush down the aisle. We aren’t in a hurry. No, you don’t need to do the old, one step, two feet together walk, either. Makes you feel very awkward, doesn’t it? Just walk, relaxed and happy, and come down the aisle.

Excellent. Now, take your places. First bridesmaid, you stand at the end. The next one, on her left, and so on. Now, leave a nice gap for the bride.

Ok, she’s here! Now help her fix up her dress. She looks incredible. There’s a train on that dress. No, don’t stretch it out to the side. Then you will have to stand too far away from her and that looks awful in the photos. (and someone will step on it – guaranteed) Just take the train and move it around the side, and towards the front. There… that’s better, now you can squeeze in close to her and no-one will step on it.

Now, take the bride’s flowers before she does her vows, pass her a tissue if she – or the groom – are a little teary, and shoo that fly away from her face if you can.

The ceremony is over, and the newlyweds are walking down the aisle. Pair up with the groomsmen, but wait. Let them get almost to the end of the aisle, before you start to walk down it. And smile! It’s nearly time to celebrate.

You can have fun, now, but don’t forget your jobs aren’t quite over until the day is done. You are important. The bride loves you. You love her. It’s her big day. All you have to do today is be ready to help her. Help organise the groups for photos. Keep an eye on the bride’s makeup – and steal her away for a quick touch up, now and again. Be smiley. Be friendly. Stash a tissue or two for emergencies, and hang onto her lipstick. Be helpful – if guests ask you for assistance, help them. Don’t have too much to drink – its soooo not a good look. Remember, there are cameras everywhere.

That’s not so hard, is it?

Maybe the bride is your sister, your best friend, or an old friend. In ten years time, I hope you will all remember today – and how much fun it was. Enjoy!

Photography by Jonas Peterson

Ms Gingham says: This has got to be one of the best posts on advice for bridesmaids that I’ve read. Thanks for the Wisdom Robyn!

Robyn says: “I am quite possibly the happiest marriage celebrant in Sydney! Weddings are my thing! Nothing makes me happier than a really happy couple – every time.”

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