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Today’s brides aren’t making it a rule that everything for their weddings has to be Something NEW. In fact, it’s a popular budget-saving strategy to buy pre-owned, pre-used items for use in the wedding. We’ve tossed that ‘it’s bad luck’ mindset out the window, and instead focus on the practicality of the buy…and maybe even go the opposite way: thinking it’s good luck to wear the wedding veil of a very happily-married friend. The wedding survey site recently released its Trend Talk report on Buying and Selling Used Wedding Items, and I have some of the highlights for you here.

Would You Buy Used Items for Your Wedding?

* 89.4% say Yes

* 10.6% say No

If So, Which Used Items Will You Buy?

* 89.8 – Wedding Accessories (ring pillows, chuppah, etc.)

* 78% – Jewelry

* 52.5% Veil

* 45.8% – Wedding Dress

* 32.2% – Other

* 30.5% – Silk Floral Arrangements

The brides who say they’d buy a used item prefer to shop for them and review them in person rather than online.

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Would You Sell Items From Your Wedding?

It can be a smart way to recoup your wedding expenses, and perhaps even help a friend with her wedding budget by allowing her to buy your headpiece, veil or other items for a vast discount.

Would You Sell Your Wedding Items?

* 90.9% Say Yes

* 9.1% Say No

What Would You Sell?

* 76.7% – Wedding Accessories

* 41.7% – Veil

* 38.3% – Wedding Dress

* 33.3% – Silk Florals

* 30% – Jewelry

* 25% – Other

Most of the brides who said they’d be willing to sell items from their weddings report they’d be more likely to sell them online, if they’re not selling to a friend or family member. Where do you stand on this topic? Would you buy used? Are you the superstitious type? Would you sell your wedding items to earn back some money or help a friend, or are you sentimental about even the smallest detail from your wedding? Please share your story with us!

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Ms Gingham says: Interesting stats. I’m often torn over the question of should I sell my wedding dress or not. I personally just can’t part with it even though it’s never taken out of it’s box!

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