When clients come to meet me in the studio, they are often still pondering the idea of whether or not to have flowergirls or pageboys.

They usually ask my opinion as to their involvement with the photography during the day and when they should ‘go back to Mummy or babysitter’. Many couples have nephews, nieces, their own children or friend’s children that make a delightful not to mention photogenic addition to their bridal party ensemble.

Some things to consider from my point of view are:

  • Is Mum or Dad in the bridal party? If this is the case, it’s unlikely that your bridesmaid or groomsman will be able to relax and be part of the photo session, as they will be constantly wondering ‘where’s Ava?’ … If Ava happens to be a toddler.
  • Your friend will be on mothers duty and I often find, just not relaxed especially if the location is in a public place where there is lots going on around us and plenty of places for a toddler to go missing.
  • Also if Ava decides it’s time to throw a tantrum for whatever reason – your friend will have to sort it out and perhaps miss out on being in the photos. For this reason I always suggest a babysitter/relative to be there so the bridal party can relax – the best photos are taken when everyone is relaxed – the best photos of kids are when they don’t even know they are being photographed.

  • How old are they? Flower Girls and Page Boys range in age – this is something to consider… will they loose it walking down the aisle if they are too young? Will they need feeding and/or a nap during the location shoot?

  • Finally, the last thing to consider is that little ones are so cute they’re in danger of stealing the show… but that’s what it’s all about!

Photography by Nerida McMurray Photography

Ms Gingham says: Having little ones as part of your bridal party is fraught with the possibility of unexpected things happening. I’ve heard stories of flowergirls wetting themselves during ceremonies! Nevertheless, these are the things that will be really memorable looking back on the day. After all, picking your nose is only considered adorable up to the age of three so why not capture it on film?

Nerida says: “I love weddings and I feel blessed that my job is a significant element of a very special day for people. Giving the couple their photos after their honeymoon, and seeing the delight and joy on their faces as they reminisce over one of the most memorable days in their lives, is one of my favourite parts of my job.”

Nerida is a regular contributor to the Wisdom blog with advice based articles like what to do if it rains on your wedding day. Read them all here.