Janet and Darrell

With such a festive feel in the air, I couldn’t resist sharing this absolute beauty of an engagement shoot which is nothing but fun! Bear heads? Inflatable letters? Oh let’s go have some fun!

This shoot comes today by Hailey of You Can’t Be Serious Photography. Hailey has a vivid imagination (remember Julie and Pedzi’s engagement shoot?) and she says “The shoot was an idea I had brewing for ages and was just waiting for a cool couple to come along and snap it up! I sent them three different concepts and then they chose their favourite one. I even had in mind what they should wear!! hahah! Red dress blue suit! Janet and Darrell  had so much faith in me as the heads and outfits would have cost quite a bit of MONEY!!  I would love to do more of these creative concept type shoots… not sure if you can mention that but just putting it out there all the same! ”

The rest of the story? I’m leaving this one to Janet!

“Some people say that “love is always found in the most unlikely of places” or “you don’t find love but love finds you”.  For us, our first chance acquaintance was in the year 1999 at a combined year 10 high school maths camp.  Through sharing simultaneous solutions and comparing parabolic functions, our  sine and cos waves aligned and the rest is history!”

“I’m an Art Director and Darrell  is a Lawyer based in Brisbane and we both wanted their engagement photos to be something different.  We wanted their photos to be fun and creative and to capture the love and joy that we  both share in each other’s company.  We also wanted their engagement photos to show our personalities, be whimsical and also nothing too serious.”

“We came across Hailey Bartholomew from You Can’t Be Serious and instantly fell in love with her beautiful images.  Her artistic talent, sense of humour and her ability to really capture the warmth in people’s emotions made choosing Hailey virtually a non-decision!”.”

“Hailey and the Darrell and I-to-be threw around some crazy ideas for their engagement shoot but ultimately, the idea of having a Bear and Panda costume dressed in a twirly red dress and a sharp blue suit was way too cute to refuse.  The Bear and Panda suits also featured at our  recent engagement party with guests also having the chance to pose with them on for photos!”

“We couldn’t be more happy with their engagement shoot. It was such a fun day and the photos really showed that!.  These photos truly captured our imagination and who we are as a couple and have created some wonderful memories that we will share with friends and family forever.”