During our honeymoon, I couldn’t get my husband out of the ocean… and I was right there beside him, kicking away as a novice snorkeler. When you take the plunge, you never know which kinds of awe-inspiring sea creatures will swim up beside you, swim along with you, or put on a show.

Here’s a clip of our swim with a green sea turtle at Caneel Bay on the island of St. John. We found the best snorkelling to be off of Scott Beach, although others might fight me with their votes for Hawksnest Beach. Even if no turtles or dolphins or parrotfish swim alongside you, it’s still a lovely keepsake to bring home from your honeymoon and watch again and again. As winter descends upon my hometown, I’m longing for the tropical sun of the Caribbean… and I load up our underwater videos to soothe myself with a little mental trip right back to those warm clear waters.

If you’re headed someplace tropical for your destination wedding or honeymoon, be sure to add to your gift registry an underwater case for your FlipCam or another digital video gadget. If you’ll be swimming in the deep, clear sea, you’ll certainly want to bring home memories of the gorgeous sea life and underwater beauty you see during your stay.

For stills, I also love the Kodak underwater Sports Camera for snapping photos beneath the sea… it has 800 film speed, and our shots were wonderfully sharp… and are now framed in our home. If you’re worried about asking for a camera or an underwater camera case for a wedding gift, it’s completely okay in etiquette world… and even though some models can be quite pricy, this is a great option as a group gift given by the bridal party or by circles of friends. You could bring home amazing images and video from your underwater honeymoon adventures that you can watch to instantly transport you back to your honeymoon!

Ms Gingham says: This could be a great meditation video. I just love watching that little turtle do it’s thing! So peaceful.

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