I have this thing for beautiful lace. I would wear it every day if I could figure out how to without looking like a nanna. The spidery feathery parts, the beautiful shapes and patterns and the texture? Ah I love it. Clearly Melbourne designer Anna Campbell is a fan too with her new 2012 collection featuring soft, dreamy lace in the most unexpected of ways.

I love Anna’s 2012 collection- it’s incredibly diverse and aesthetically, still retains her Greek goddess, feminine charm. Each gown is custom made to measure allowing you to mix and match elements to create a gown that is truly yours. The new collection not only focuses on the bodice, but pays special attention to the back- using full French laces, delicate bows and fabric arrangements makes the back just as much of a feature as the rest of the gown and something completely beautiful. There’s exquisitely draped crystal fabrics, rope style lace, appliqued embellishments, and all use high quality, beautiful fabrics.

Anna has also introduced accessories this season- hairpieces, veils, bracelets. Each have Anna’s signature style and work with to compliment her gowns creating one complete, cohesive style.



Photos by Anna Campbell