Personalising the facets of your wedding is a huge reason I write Polka Dot Bride, in fact it’s a huge reason as to why I even started it. So I always love finding websites and artisans who can help you customise goodies to your own personal style, your own tastes, to really show off who you and your beloved are through your wedding.

I fell head over heels for Shoes Of Prey when they launched – customisable shoes? Why thank you dream business idea! And now? Inspired by Shoes Of Prey but very much a business built in it’s own right, I bring you StyleRocks an online, personalised jewellery experience tailored just for you!

Personalised jewellery has been around for a while, but it’s hard – it involves a lot of time with a jeweller and a lot of expense. StyleRocks is based 100% online and you’re able to design, visualise, order and have it delivered from the comfort of your couch. This concept is such a great gift idea! Customised cufflinks for the groom, earrings to match your bridesmaid’s gowns, special necklaces for your mother. A signet ring for your best friend.

The StyleRocks site has rings (and the best part? wedding rings that you can engrave!) bracelets, cufflinks and even earrings all available to customise (with more options being added constantly). Firstly, you choose your metal, whether you want it plated, solid gold, shiny or matte.

There are a series of “collections” of charms and adornments (which can also be engraved!), from “Nature” (with flowers, leaves and feathers) to “Romance”  with sweet words and blooms. There’s even “Fast Food” and letters and numbers.

The customised jewellery concept isn’t just about charms either. They’ve included an array of gorgeous gemstones (including of course, diamonds but also the beautiful coloured stones like citrine and topaz).

The site is packed with handy hints and tips – from birthstones (so you can choose a personal present for your bridesmaids) to engraving suggestions (handy for wedding rings). Each piece is made in Australia by professional Australian jewellers so you know the pieces are of high quality (which is always reassuring when you’re purchasing such a special piece).

The pieces in the entry are part of the Polka Dot Bride collection, which I am really looking forward to adding to as their range increases! I’d love to see what you come up with!