Logan and Savannah

Once upon a time, there was girl and a boy who had the perfect wedding. Family and friends gathered from all around to see the beautiful bride and handsome groom say their lovely vows. To celebrate, they ate, drank, and danced the night away. The boy and girl became husband and wife and lived happily ever after. Okay… well maybe it wasn’t fairytale perfect, but through my eyes it really was. I had planned for this wedding since I was 12, that is when I met my groom. Yes, we have been sweethearts since the 5th grade. So 9 years later, he popped the question and we set the date for June 4th. Sixteen months would give me enough time to plan the wedding of my dreams. I planned out every little detail until it was perfect, which caused me a lot of stress. But on the day of the wedding I forgot about all those minor details and focused on what the day was really about. I was the calmest person in the room, just waiting to hear those words, “You may now kiss the bride.” So like I said, I know it wasn’t the perfect wedding but it was the happiest day of my life and that makes it my fairytale.

The End.

Photography by Nate Rees Photography

Ms Gingham says: What gorgeous little green flowergirls … I love seeing the little ones in such vivid colours! Thanks to Savannah and Logan for sharing their wedding from West Virginia today it sure looks like it was a fun one.

Savannah says: I am a 22 year-old working girl. I work at Alpha Natural Resources in the human resources department. I am a graduate of West Virgina University. My husband is also a graduate of WVU, and he too works for Alpha Natural Resources. We live in southern West Virginia and are currently building a home together there.