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Who says you can only place one-time-use cameras on the guest tables? As much as guests — especially the kids — love using them during the reception … and get some great shots … there are a few new ways that brides and grooms are offering those pretty one-time-use cameras.

  1. Set them out by the guest book so that everyone can take fun photos as they arrive, as they’re signing in, in groups with people they won’t be sitting with.
  2. Display them in out-of-town guests’ hotel rooms with a snack display, as an alternative to the guest welcome bag. They can start taking photos earlier in the weekend, such as at the welcome cocktail party.
  3. Set them on the cocktail party tables, so — again — guests can capture the pre-reception action and their not-sitting-together groups.
  4. Place one or two on the bar so that groups who are doing a group shot or toasts can snap that photo for you.
  5. Place them in a display near the dessert bar, so that guests can snap photos of those beautiful treats, petit fours, mini pastries, chocolate-covered strawberries and more.
  6. Set them out at pre-wedding parties, such as the engagement party, for guests to capture fabulous images.
  7. If cameras still have shots left on them after the reception, bring them to the after-party or set them out at the morning-after breakfast to get even more festive photos at those events.
  8. Make them the prizes at the bridal shower. Guests love unique prize items — candles are too cliche, say many shower guests and hosts — and a cute, colorful camera lets the winner use it however she wishes.
  9. Use leftover cameras or shots at gatherings you attend when you come home from the honeymoon, such as your first dinner with your parents, or at a thank-you lunch with bridesmaids.
  10. And of course, use waterproof one-time-use cameras during your honeymoon to capture fun photos while snorkeling, swimming or just lounging on the beach.

I also love to mix up the colors, such as putting some purple on tables, and some ivory, for a stylized color blend and an unexpected look.

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Ms Gingham says: Time for the humble disposable camera to make a reappearance. Great tips. Thanks to Sharon for sharing her Wisdom with us today!

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