Cupcakes are still popular at weddings but delectable little macarons have recently gained popularity. These sweet macaron cupcakes are perfect for those who can’t decide to have cupcakes or macarons at their wedding. Now your guests can have both! The best thing about this design is that you don’t need much in terms of cake decorating tools and you can choose to make both the macarons and cupcakes from scratch or buy them and assemble them a couple of days before.

What you’ll need:

–       Lollypop sticks

–       Fondant (Buy here)

–       Green food colouring (Buy here)

–       Coconut Shavings (or you can also use crushed Oreo cookies for a soil effect)

–       Buttercream frosting

–       Macarons and Cupcakes (Buy them here to make things a little easier)

1. Prepare macarons and cupcakes the day before. If you are assembling the macarons yourself, once you pipe in the filling, place the lollypop stick in the middle before you place the shell on top.If you have purchased the macarons, gently open the shell slightly and slide the lollypop stick inside.

2. Place the coconut shavings into a large bowl. Spread a generous layer of buttercream on top of the cupcake. Then dip the cupcake into the coconut shavings and press so that the shavings stick on.

3. Insert the macaron lollypop into the centre of the cupcake.

4. To make the fondant leaf simply mix the food colouring with the fondant and knead until combined. To get a green as strong as the one in the photo below, you will need to use a food colouring gel paste which can be found at any cake decorating store. Liquid food colouring found in supermarkets will only give you a pastel green at most.

  • Roll a little ball of fondant and then use your finger to roll on one side to create a teardrop shape. If you find the icing is a little sticky, on your fingers you can use a little cornflour on your fingers to help with that.
  • Flatten the fondant with your fingers and then use a knife to mark down the middle.
  • Pinch the edges of the fat side together as shown in the picture. Then simply place onto the cupcake next to the macaron lollypop. Fondant leaves can even be made a week or two in advance to save time. Simply store in a take away container once they are dry.

There you have it … easy as that!

Photography by Sharon Wee

Ms Gingham says: My two favourite things together!! Love this idea …. growing Macarons! If you feel inspired by this tutorial, check out Sharon’s blog for a seemingly endless supply of inspiration.

About Sharon: Years ago, after discovering a passion for baking and cake decorating, Sharon started making cakes and cupcakes for her friends and family. Her belief is that any edible creation should taste as good as it looks and should be remembered long after it has been consumed. After being encouraged by her friends and family to sell her creations, Sharon Wee Creations was born. Sharon specialises in creating custom designed edible goodies and loves experimenting with new flavours and designs. Now, years later, her creations have been on TV, in magazines and on the radio. She enjoys creating figurines, teaching and is constantly thinking of new cake designs in her head. In her spare time, you’ll find her visiting patisseries, dreaming of holiday destinations, cooking up a new dessert recipe or playing volleyball.

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