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Kristy & Josh

I’m not sure whether it was Josh’s quirky story of why the couple chose their venue (check it out soon on Polka Dot Groom) or Kristy’s sparkly gold dress and the look on her face as she laid eyes on her husband to be. I’m not even sure if it was their wider than ever smiles, or the intense looks of love they shared, but I do know Kristy and Josh’s wedding was one I had to share with you and today I am so excited to!

Today’s photographs are by Jonathan Wherrett. I’ve always loved Jonathan’s work and really appreciate that his love and eye for architectural detail makes it into his wedding photography.

Kristy started the day at the hair salon Some Hallucination with her bridal party and friends and family. Kristy remarks “A great way to get everyone involved in the day was the hairdressing salon. Don’t make getting ready a drag, step away from the old tradition that you have to get ready in isolation. I had all my family, Josh’s family, girlfriends and other guests come to the salon for the morning to get their hair and makeup done with the bridal party.  We drank champagne, put on a great brunch and had a ball!  It was good quality time spent with all the girls and it made 4 hours just fly by! Also, then people are not gushing to see you at the ceremony.  It took the edge off and gave you time to spend with Aunties and cousins beforehand.”

Kristy and Josh met each other before the ceremony for photographs. Kristy advises, “Have your photos before the ceremony!!!! OMG this was such a great idea and I actually got to then wear two dresses. It just meant we could go straight from that special time of the ceremony to be with family and friends. Also you feel more fresh and have more energy to do the photos beforehand.”

The bride and bridesmaids wore handmade gowns.

Kristy changed into a handmade strapless white wedding gown for the ceremony and paired it with Christian Louboutin heels.

Kristy describes the day as “Simple, Elegant and Intimate with our dearest family and friends.”

The celebration for Kristy and Josh’s wedding guests started with a fun trip. Kristy explains, “Our guests were brought over to the venue via a catamaran and enjoyed drinks on the boat before coming down the river to see the specular venue. Gave it a real wow factor approaching the venue from the water. We had a jazz band (James Maddock’s Swing 4) playing to meet the guest and bring them up to the venue.”

The couple held their celebrations at Morilla Estate. Kristy says “Nestled on the banks of the Derwent, Moorilla Estate offered venues for all aspects of the wedding. We began the formal ceremony in the depths of the underground barrel room, surrounded by French Oak barrels.”

Kristy walked down the candle lit aisle to Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, she recalls “It was the most beautiful, magical, dreamy moment when I walked into the cellar room to Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah. It was a breathtaking climax.”

The couple chose family members to bear witness to their marriage certificate. Kristy explains, “We had our 80 year old grandmas be the witness to our wedding certificate. It was just gorgeous and they were so happy to be a part of it.  It will be something to remember them by always and a very emotional moment.”

After the ceremony, the couple explored the gallery with Jonathan for more photographs. Kristy says “We then were fortunate enough to have our dearest wedding photos taken down in the MONA gallery, where Jonathan superseded all our expectations. His work is artistic – not a typical wedding photographer.”

Worried about getting married in winter? Let Kristy allay your fears! She remarks “Also – a winter wedding was just the best. It’s a great time of year for people to get together when socially they are not flat out with the warmer weather festivities.”

Of their day, the enjoyment they felt, Kristy says “The seamless flow from stepping onto ferry, to candle lit ceremony to reception are a testament to the approach to this wedding.”

The party was then kicked off in the function room, Anthos and Eos which was decorated with candles. Kristy advises “For a winter wedding forget flowers and go for candles they were so much more intimate and cost effective.” Cutie Cupcakes created the cupcake wedding cake.

As they planned their wedding from interstate, Kristy has a tip for other brides. “A big tip to people having their wedding in another state – you MUST talk to local people about who is the best person for each job.  We were lucky enough to visit Tasmania for the food and wine festival “Savour Tasmania”.  We sat next to a lovely lady who recommended a salon “Some Hallucination (FABULOUS), to a photographer to even our venue. All in one afternoon we had our wedding organised and by using these recommendations had all the hard work taken out of the process.  We didn’t look at other venues, we weren’t undecided about where or what.  We just knew.”

Kristy describes the first dance as “Magical – nothing choreographed or pre rehearsed.  Just close dancing to “At Last”. It was a special moment to hold each other as husband and wife for the first time.”

Congratulations on your marriage Kristy and Josh! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Jonathan Wherrett for sharing today’s photographs!