Kim and Dean

To celebrate the fun competition we have running for Jen Huang’s first Australian workshop, we’re sharing the New York (New York you are on my mind!) shoot of Kim and Dean shot by Jen on the blog today! There’s something about New York taxi cabs and the sophistication of the city that sucks me in – every single time.

Kim explains why she and Dean chose New York for their photographs. “Dean and I had planned a summer wedding in the Rhode Island beach town where my parents have a home. Because all our wedding photos would be there, we really wanted to have engagement photos taken in the place where we met and made our first home together: New York City. We live near Central Park and it was cherry blossom season. We also took photos in Columbus Circle where we had our first date. It was just one of those perfect New York afternoons and Jen Huang did a fabulous job capturing it all.”

Kim and Dean met through a friend and their story? Well I’m not one to gush, but I think Dean’s response to Kim might have made me cry, just a little! “I met a lovely couple at my sister’s birthday party and after just a few minutes, they told me I had to meet their dear friend. They said he was South African, handsome, and lived in New York City (where I also lived). That night they called Dean and told him they met his wife. We met and were quickly smitten. One night months later, as we fell asleep, Dean blurted out, “I’m falling madly in love with you.”  I had been desperately waiting for those words and I told him I was falling in love with him, too. Without missing a beat he whispered, “I said madly.” We now say it daily to each other and it is the inspiration for my blog which is a collection of all other things that I love madly. Food. Travel. Style. DIY Projects. For the Home. And often, so much more.”

Dean proposed at Christmas time, Kim recalls ” I was antsy for a proposal. It’s true that you fear it’s never going to happen until the moment it actually does. It was the holidays and we were exchanging gifts. I can’t even recall what I gave him, but he gave me a Kindle e-reader. He told me to turn it on and test it out. Many titles were already downloaded and I sort of laughed at their cheesy titles. “Every Day I Love You More and More,” “Now and Forever,” “Meant to Be.” But, then I got to “The Big Question” and “Happily Ever After” and I looked up to find Dean on one knee with a beautiful engagement ring and tears in his eyes.”