Julian & Amy

By now, you will be well acquainted with Julian (see his posts here), one of our fantastic Polka Dot Grooms! Today I am excited to share the pre wedding photo session he and fiance Amy had with their photographer Dan O’Day. It speaks so many volumes about the Julian I have come to know through his words here on Polka Dot Groom – slightly rock n roll, slightly non-plussed but with a wicked sense of humor!

“Amy and I met about 6 years ago but it wasn’t until we started working in the recording studio together about two and a half years ago that we both started to fall for each other… We had actually both had crushes on each other previously but never had enough guts to admit it.

It actually still took most of our friends constantly asking what was going on between us for us to realise ourselves exactly how we felt… Anyway, an awkward first kiss followed by an even more awkward conversation got the relationship kicked off…”

“The location was an apartment which some friends of ours were living in at the time… we had been hanging out there a lot at the time and it seemed like a cool place to take some pictures getting dressed and stuff.”

“We had spent many Mondays wandering through Centennial Park dreaming of living in one of the  old mansions nearby and we found a big old tree to house all our dreams and conversations… of course, our initials are also now there, carved into that tree… and that is where a lot of these photo’s were taken…”