I was quite taken when I saw the new 2012 collection from Fiorenza. The twelve gowns she has designed have a completely different feel to her 2011 collection. They’re classically elegant, feminine and demure but they still have that dramatic strength that I know her work for.

The 2012 collection was inspired by the strength of a woman. While designing the collection, the timing coincided with the fourth anniversary of the passing of Fiorenza’s mother. The collection reflects the softness and strength of the women Fiorenza learned so much from. To continue this inspiration, each gown is named after a woman who has inspired Fiorenza through her lifetime.

The gowns are stunning, featuring signature Fiorenza designed bespoke fabrics. The femininity of sweetheart necklines, couture ribboning and hints of 1940s and 1950s styling is matched by unusual detailing – Fiorenza’s point of difference weaves it’s way through with unexpected touches like horse hair braid trim, multi layered skirts and paper bag hems.

Images by Fiorenza