Hannah Millerick - Stradbroke Weddings

It’s so inspiring when couples can immerse themselves in nature and throw caution to the wind. This, for me, is the epitome of not a care in the world.

Photography by Hannah Millerick Photography

Ms Gingham says: What a way to “wash” the stress of organizing a wedding away!

Hannah describes herself:

I’m a free spirited, fun loving person who’s good at what I do.
I’m a full-time freelancer for Hannah Millerick (da dah).
I’ve won a couple of International Aperture awards.
I’m an observer.
People fascinate me.
I was a barefoot beach bride to Adrian. We wed on Stradbroke Island with the reception in a Marquee on the beach.
We have just finished renovating our house in Bardon and LOVE IT!
Have a Weimaraner named Merlo.
I’m always on-line, while editing and love listening to Adele.
I’m all for healthy body and mind. On occasion I go on meditation retreats. Keeps me real, honest and open.

Woop, that’s it!