Shireen & Mitch

A gorgeous summery, beachside engagement shoot for you this Saturday from photographer Andrea Sproxton. Shireen tells such a beautiful story of her life with Mitch “Mitch and I first met through mutual friends. We were very comfortable and relaxed with each other from the start and could talk for hours about almost anything. We found each other spending more time together than apart and have been inseparable ever since.

“We are each others best friend and I think that’s what makes our relationship so special. We get each others quirky sense of humour and have been making each other laugh for the past five and a half years together. We know how to cheer one another up when we are having a down day. We are each others cheer squad, inspiration and confidant.”

“Mitch proposed on our 4 year anniversary in our new home we had recently bought together. I arrived home late on a Friday afternoon to find the lights off when I opened the door. Tea light candles and a pathway made of rose petals led me to our bedroom.”

“As I opened the bedroom door their was Mitch on bended knee. His palms were sweaty and he managed to get out a short speech of “I love You, Will you Marry Me?” It was incredibly sweet and sincere. Mitch also whisked me away that weekend at the Sunshine Coast, a favourite holiday destination for us.”

“We are excited for our upcoming nuptials in February and can’t wait to build more life time memories together.”