Along with shoes, I do love an amazing bag and really, your wedding day is one of the chances you get to carry a stunning one. Davie & Chiyo are based in Canada (shipping Worldwide) and make gorgeous clutches just right for your wedding day (or a gorgeous gift for your bridesmaids),

Fumi and Himi Bull are sisters and started David & Chiyo together. They assemble each clutch by hand, made to order (so you can customise every detail, from the fabric, to the detailing and the internal label). The girls have even created a matching range of ties and accessories so your colour scheme can be carried throughout the wedding.

The girls have over 100 clutches to choose from in their online store using everything from the finest silks to vintage style fabrics. Patterns range from pleated, over sized bows, ruffles, structured flowers and even sparkly brooches. With each element custom made, you can really go a little mad and design something that suits your own individual look.

Images by Davie & Chiyo