Daniel and Zdenka

The day in the Bride’s family started very early and everybody had their duties. It is traditional to serve breakfast for both the families in the Bride’s home. That’s why my little brother was icing the wedding confectionery and my nephew was eating goulash.

I was getting prepared and dressed to be a real Polka Dot Bride and everybody was waiting for the Groom, Daniel to arrive and to propose to my parents.

Daniel with his family and his best man arrived one hour before the ceremony and after that everybody got in cars and were driven to a close church. I had a very special Czech old timer car, one of the first aerodynamic Tatras from the 50’s.

The wedding ceremony took place in a Gothic church in my hometown. It was a traditional Catholic wedding and it was very touching and beautiful. And we were married!!

We took our first wedding photos around the church and on the town square and it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed the vintage interior of the old car and the lovely sunshine. Then we went to the reception.

The first part of the reception was closed only for our families and several friends. The meals were delicious and looked great! After lunch we had our first wedding dance to “Have I Told You Lately” by Van Morrison. We had been training for this dance for weeks!

Then we served our lovely pinkish polka dot cake and went for a second photo shoot – this time in an industrial setting with some funny props.

When we came back to the reception all our other wedding guests were already there and the party was steadily getting started! We were playing special wedding games, dancing, drinking, and eating. After the night was over we took a cab to our hotel where we spent our first newlyweds’ night and morning. It was a really special pink polka dot day and we loved every second of it!

Photography by Ondra Vala

Ms Gingham says: All the way from the Czech Republic today with Daniel and Zdenka’s gorgeous Svatba (wedding)! What a gorgeous car!!

Zdenka says: “My name is Zdenka and I married my husband, Daniel, this July. We are both 26 and both us have been working as teachers and studying our PhDs. We met at a university party and we have been together for 5 years. We both like good food – Daniel cooks and I bake a lot; good music, reading and walking.”