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Giving a gift is a way for guests to celebrate your wedding and provide a contribution to your marital home. Having a registry set up is as much for the convenience of your guests as it is for yourselves, the bridal couple. Being well prepared is essential when creating your gift list to ensure that you will be receiving the gifts that you need and want the most. Here’s some top tips to keep in mind when creating your registry.

1. Be prepared – register early

Unless the pressure of wedding planning has taken over, you should still be enjoying the exciting time of your life that is the lead up to your wedding! So what are you waiting for? Registering for wedding gifts should not be the last thing that you think about when planning your wedding. The sooner you get on top of it, the more time you have to browse your options and plan what you need. You don’t need to have the complete registry set up by the time you post your invitations, but you will need to have a good selection in place for those early-bird guests like your family who will be looking to have the first pick!

2. Do it together

The gifts are for both of you, so it is important for both be involved with choosing your gifts. The easiest way to do this is to do it all online. After all, spending endless hours walking around a department store and writing down product codes is the last thing you and your fiancé want to be doing as you plan your gift list. Discuss the style of the home that you would both like, and make sure the decisions are fair so that you are both just as happy and excited about what you will be receiving. Take an inventory of what you have and see where the gaps are, as well as what items may be ready for an upgrade. Make sure there are items on your registry for both Him and for Her.

3. Register for what you really want

Don’t feel obligated to register for the usual dinnerware, glassware, cutlery and bed linen. Your guests will want to give you what you really want, as they will want you to enjoy it. A good online registry will give you a wide variety of gifts to choose from – everything from kitchenware to whitegoods, napkins to outdoor furniture … or even something unique like a chandelier or a piece of artwork.

4. Inform your guests

Initially, when it comes to informing your guests, it is perfectly acceptable to include inserts with your invitations as your guests will want to be informed about where to make purchases from your registry. If your guests do not know where your registry is, they are likely to purchase you a gift elsewhere and it may be something you do not want or need.

5. Be considerate of your guests

It is a real bonus to have your guests be able to make purchases from your registry online, especially if you have guests coming from interstate or overseas. You will also want to have plenty of options available to your guests.  If you are keen on having a Wishing Well for your guests, be mindful that some guests may not be comfortable giving cash. It is always best to have gift options for your guests as well so that those guests who would prefer to purchase you a gift do not feel as though they are being asked for money.

6. Read the fine print

When considering various wedding registry companies it is important to read in detail what the fine print says. Did you know that department stores charge a delivery fee to each guest of between $12.95 to $19.95? Were you aware that some online registry companies do not disclose all of their costs to you upfront to you?

7. Price is important

You will want your guests to feel as though they are receiving the best combination of price and customer service. To go with a heavily discounted online retailer, you may find items at low prices, but you and your guests may be in for a ride with poor customer service, and an impression of your wedding as being ‘cheap and nasty’.

8. Keep an eye on things

It is essential to keep an eye on your gift list. This way you can ensure that your list does not run out of gifts, and also that there are always a good number of options available to your guests. You will not want your guests to be unhappy with the selection available, as they are then likely to purchase a gift for you from outside of your registry, and you will then not have the option to exchange the gift if it is something that you do not want.

9. Say thanks

It is so important to be gracious to your guests and give thanks not only for the gift that they have purchased for you, but also for their presence on your special day. These should be hand written and personalised for each guest. The recommended time frame for sending these is within a month of your return from your honeymoon. When thanking for the gift that they have purchased, it is key to refer to the gift by name.

10. Enjoy!

This may seem like a strange thing to point out in top tips, but you would be surprised how many couples keep their lovely gifts in the cupboard to save for a really special occasion! Your gifts were purchased for you to be used and enjoyed, so make sure you bring these out on a regular or semi-regular basis to make the most of your gorgeous gifts!

Ms Gingham says: Some great advice on a surprisingly sensitive issue. Thanks to Wedding Gifts Direct for the tips.

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