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Giving gifts to the newly married couple is a tradition that is almost as old as marriage itself. For a guest, one of the most daunting things can be what to buy the bride and groom. It is said that one of the earliest gifts for newlyweds was food. The couple would be left with a variety of meats, cheeses, cakes and ales. Livestock and money were also given. During the middle ages household items became the norm and has influenced the gifts of today.

Today many couples are choosing to go with a gift registry, whether it be for household items or their honeymoon, so choosing the right gift for the right price is a little easier. Here are a few ideas though that may help you, especially if you are after a more unique wedding gift!

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If the couple have a wedding registry:

  • Once you have chosen a gift on the registry, purchase additional items to match with it. If for example there is a toaster on the registry, put together a hamper with some gourmet spreads, jams and seasonal fruits. This also means the couple still get a little surprise.
  • If your wallet allows, purchase the most expensive item on the registry or get a few guest to all pitch in. Usually the most expensive items on the couple’s registry are dream items, which they are not expecting to receive.

If the couple don’t have a wedding registry:

  • Wine tasting and a dinner for two is a great idea for the couple who have everything. The couple will be able to enjoy the gift after the wedding and is an excuse for them to relax. Another option for those that aren’t into wine, could be a Degustation Dinner at a restaurant the couple have never been to.
  • For a gift the couple can also use to celebrate, consider a bottle of  wine, scotch or port with handwritten instructions to open on their 10th wedding anniversary. Make sure you do some research to ensure you choose a bottle that will last at least 10 years to avoid disappointment.

If the couple have asked for no gifts:

  • Consider making a donation on their behalf to a charity. Have a chat to the mother of the bride or bridesmaids to get an idea of a charity that is close to the couple’s heart.
  • Frame the couple’s wedding invitation. You could also add a picture of the couple as well. This is a great reminder for the couple of their wedding day.

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Still stuck for ideas?

  • If you can find out where the couple are spending their wedding night, contact the hotel to organise a room upgrade, breakfast for 2, or a nice bottle of wine. Make sure you check with the mother of the bride to ensure other arrangements aren’t already in place.
  • Finally cash. Yes I know a lot of people still feel it’s impersonal, but it gives the couple the choice to spend it how they wish. If you feel uncomfortable giving cash, gift vouchers are also a great idea. If you know where the couple are honeymooning, you could purchase a gift voucher for a couple’s massage or dinner at a local restaurant.

Whatever gift you choose for the newlyweds, I am sure they will appreciate not only the gift, but the thought you have put into it.



Ms Gingham says: I guess you’d look a bit strange walking into a modern wedding reception with a couple of cows in tow wouldn’t you? I love the idea of adding a hamper to jazz up the old toaster. Oh and a return flight to Italy wouldn’t go astray either! This is so well thought out by Sarah … thanks for sharing some great ideas!

Sarah says: “Newly Wed who loves to blog about weddings and food! Loved everything about planning my wedding and honeymoon, and absolutely devastated that it is all over now. 🙁 Have the most amazing husband who I love with all my heart, and am so looking forward to the journey life will take us on together now that we are married!”