Sigrid and Edward

There is something about marrying in the city – a romance about it that doesn’t quite occur in a field or on a farm. Maybe it’s because you have to create your own little love bubble in the city – to envelope yourselves in the hustle and bustle of the typically busy streets. Sigrid and Edward’s wedding was an urban filled delight from the get go. They prepared in a hotel high above the city skyline with amazing views and finished the day in a favourite Melbourne restaurant. Sigrid’s beaming smile was so wide I can almost hear her laughter.

Sigrid explains how she met Edward. “Edward and I met in university back in the Philippines when they were both 17 years old. We got along very well but they did not have the chance to develop our friendship. After university, I went to the UK to do a master and PhD, and Edward went to Australia to study medicine. One day in 2001, Edward decided to send me an email after finding my contact details on the university alumni website. This email started months of correspondence which led to a meeting back in the Philippines and to eventually me moving to Australia.”

Photos today are by Stewart Leishman Photography. I am always excited to see Stewart’s latest work. His use of film really blows me away – it’s so graceful and Stewart really knows how to use light and capture candid moments. So beautiful! Candy Box Photography shot the video of the wedding day.

Sigrid says “We DIY’ed a number of things, including the invitation (partly), guests welcome bags (we used re-usable shopping bags filled with lollies, snacks, bottled-water, city guides), welcome booklets (with info on where to go sight seeing, eat and shop) and children’s activity packs (for the wedding reception).”

Sigrid wore a strapless gown from Brides By Mancini with Guess shoes and carried a gorgeous red bouquet from Managing Good Looks. Rogue Artists styled the girl’s hair and makeup.

Sigrid, Edward and their families dressed for the wedding at Crown Promenade Hotel.

Sigrid and Edward were married at Catholic Parish of Sts Peter and Paul, South Melbourne. Sigrid remarks “TheCatholic Parish of Sts Peter and Paul is a lovely church in South Melbourne led by the inspiring Father Bob Maguire. Father Boyd Sulpico who flew in from the Philippines was the main celebrant for our wedding. When we saw the church we knew right away that this is the place where were wanted to have our wedding.” Sigrid and Edward traveled to the church in cars from Glamour Ride.

Sigrid and Edward planned their wedding from Adelaide and had their guests fly in from all over the world. Sigrid explains, “We organised our wedding in Melbourne whilst being based in Adelaide. Most of the organising was done by email and through the phone. We found our vendors by doing a web search. Our wedding in Melbourne was a week of holiday, not only for us but also for our family and friends who not only came from Australia, but also flew in from the Philippines, US, UK, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and UAE.”

Sigrid says, “During the wedding, I walked down the aisle to Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Con Te Partiro’. This song represents Edward and my love story, especially “Places that I’ve never seen or experienced with you, now I shall. I’ll sail with you upon ships across the seas.” The music was played by organist Kate Ryan.

Sigrid remarks “We thought and planned every aspect of our wedding. It truly represents who we are as a couple”

The day was filled with memories for the newlyweds. Sigrid remarks, “There were so many moments during our wedding that were really memorable, such as when I could not stop crying as I walked down the aisle, or the priest forgetting to say “Your may kiss the bride” at the end of the ceremony, to the wedding guests helping out the invited caricature artist Anthony Pascoe by using a mobile phone to enhance the lighting conditions for the drawing sessions during the wedding reception.”

Sigrid and Edward celebrated with guests at Melbourne restaurant The Italian. Sigrid remarks “The Italian Restaurant and Bar was the perfect venue for our 40 guests. They organised two feasting tables for us and the food that they prepared were just exquisite. Some of our guest’s even commented that meal during the wedding was one of the best that they’ve had.

Congratulations Sigrid and Edward! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Stewart Leishman Photography for sharing today’s images!