Robyn and Curt

I can’t imagine ever getting sick of weddings – it’s a little like meeting a wonderful new couple and telling their story every single time. From the lavish, formal affairs, to heartfelt celebrations in the country. Each story has something different, something special and unique . Todays is as special as any – the wedding of Robyn and Curt where so much didn’t go to plan, but in the end they were married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loved ones and really, I need nothing more to tell their story!

Robyn recalls how she met Curt. “We met at boarding school in the Natal midlands, South Africa. Curt first spied Robyn on stage while she was awkwardly delivering the school tennis report. He thought she was kinda cute. Robs saw Curt around the place and thought he was a sporty catch. After a slow dance at the school social, Curt summed up the courage to ask Robs out. It was just before his sweet 16th.She said yes and they rest, as they say, is history. After nearly 18 exciting years, 4 countries and one gorgeous baby girl later….. we finally decided to tie that knot!”

Photography today is by Karen Buckle. I love Karen’s natural take on photography – beautiful, simple, fresh images which capture the joy and fun of the day.

Robyn and Curt held their wedding celebration at Hidden Valley B&B in Eumundi. Of their venue, Robyn says “There was just one and it was magical. The initial venue we had booked and paid for fell through and I was devastated. We searched far and wide for another venue and were thrilled to have eventually found this one. We wanted an all in one, non-traditional venue which would give us freedom to do our own thing. The historic main house has a large wrap around veranda that overlooks lush gardens and amazing hinterland views . The lovely owners Fizzy & John, a hubby & wife team, are also a chef and celebrant, so we were able to take advantage and have them prepare the delicious food and marry us too!!”

Robyn wore a strapless gown from Lucy Bridal with a fascinator from Winne Bridal. Annette Cacciola styled Robyn’s hair and makeup.

The day started off with many funny stories, including a wayward golf cart. Robyn recalls “The maid of honour was nearly bowled over  when the golf cart ran into the back of her feet (I think there  may be  a picture of that one – the shocked expressions and giggles anyway)”. The stationery was made by Robyn’s family.

Sweet treats and goodies in blues greeted guests. Robyn remarks “We pegged handmade name cards to a line. On the other side was the name of a character. We then asked guests to find their matching characters and to introduce themselves. This was to get the guests mingling and chatting during photos.”

Robyn describes the mood of the wedding as “Secret garden meets laid back country with a touch of whimsy.”

Robyn remarks, “It really was a fun day filled with special moments, lots of laughs and plenty of Caribbean rum (reminiscent of our Cayman Island days). We were really just after a party and celebration with our family and mates – and we got just that! We had the intimate ceremony under a rustic outdoor gazebo at the bottom of the garden. This was followed by drinks on the lawn served with popcorn cones and homemade biltong which we had prepared the week before (it’s similar to beef jerky but prepared the South African way).”

Robyn recalls “The bride arrived before most of the guests. I was sitting in the golf cart on the way down to the ceremony as guests were running past me waving. I suppose that is why the bride should be fashionably late then.”

Another mishap, was the groom’s father’s footwear! Robyn recalls, “The generally particular father of the groom took a lot of time polishing his dress shoes to perfection. Unfortunately, they never made it to the wedding as they were left outside the front door. He only realised when getting dressed and was mortified to have to wear his trainers.”

The ceremony was performed by Elizabeth Reynolds. Robyn recalls “The parents of the bride were jumping up at funny intervals during the ceremony due to their nervous anticipation.”

The couple hired Coastal Jazz to play tunes for their guests. “We gave the musician Arron Bool, from Coastal Jazz, free range. I have no idea what he played but it was very appropriate and just lovely.There was no singing, just background classical guitar.”

Robyn carried a bouquet styled by Suncoast Flowers.

Robyn tells another tale of the day. “Our gregarious, usually happy show off of a daughter was sick on the day and she didn’t manage a single smile for any of the photos”

Robyn sums up the day. “As you can see there was a lot that did not go according to plan on the big day, but I’m sure the guests didn’t notice and hopefully all they will remember is a happy celebration with a very happy couple!!”

During the photos, guests enjoyed time together on the lush green lawns. Robyn recalls “Some guests also partook in a game of boules, all the while accompanied to the sounds of coastal jazz.”

Robyn and Curt had their families pitch in to help them decorate the day. Robyn says “We didn’t hire any help and decided on doing everything ourselves, from the lolly tables & photo booth to the signs and decor. Thanks to family for all their help and hard work! We checked into the venue the day before to set things up. Although we were still running around setting up chairs, hanging chandeliers, dipping cake pops and hand writing signs an hour before the wedding. Needless to say, this resulted in family being under some undue stress on the day…. but all was forgotten after the ‘I do’s’ and the first drink!”

The house acted as the perfect multi venue for the couple. Robyn says, “After toasting the bride and groom we moved up to the main house where canapés were served around the pool area. There were lots of sweets n’ lollies to keep the energy levels up and guests also enjoyed some play time in the photo booth.”

Robyn remarks, “We didn’t want the formality of a first dance, so Curt and I decided to let our nephew open up the dance floor with his little number. I think it was to the tune of Mr Bombastic. Curt and I joined in for a boogie at the end.”

Congratulations Robyn and Curt! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Karen Buckle for sharing today’s images!