Invitation Inspiration

A beaded necklace bought at a local craft fair inspired this do-it-yourself wedding invitation. The pendent is a recycled piece of broken pottery, and I love how the artisan paired it with red glass beads. It makes me want to start breaking teacups.

A pochette invitation is ideal for a wedding, because it wraps your invitation and smaller reply cards into a cute little package. Each guest will be able to unwrap your invitation, like a present, to reveal the details inside. You can make this pochette wedding invitation using simple tools with readily available paper and envelopes. The invitation wording prints directly onto the pouchette, so you don’t need to cut and mount several pieces of paper to create this look.

Project Materials:

● Printed template file – Download FREE invitation templates
● Ruler
● X-acto knife or paper scoring tool
● Scissors
● 15mm Satin Ribbon
● A4 cardstock, 65lb or higher
● 150 x 150 mm square envelopes

Project Supplies

Step 1: Score the Fold Lines

Line the ruler with the dotted score lines on the printed template. Using the x-acto knife, with the blade edge up (you don’t want to cut), score the paper. Scoring your folds will help make a sharp crease when working with thick paper. Make sure to score all four sides.

Step One: Score the Fold Lines.

Step 2: Cutout the Pochette

Using a pair of scissors, trim along the edge of the pouchette, following the dotted line. I found it best to use long strokes with the scissors and cut from the outside edge towards the pouchette.

Step Two: Cut Out the Pochette

Step 3: Fold the Flaps

After the invitation is cut out, fold each flap in to form the pouchette. Crease the folds with your finger or a bone folder to help the flaps lay flat.

Step Three: Fold the Pochette

Step 4: Seal the Pouchette with a Bow

Use any type of ribbon (in the example I used 15mm satin ribbon) to wrap around and seal the pouchette with a bow. You could also use raffia, baker’s twine, wax seals, or a decorative sticker to close the pouchette.

Step Four: Finish with a Bow

Print your matching enclosure and reply cards Download & Print (Wedding Papers) also.

Complete template set!

Photography by: Anna Skye from Download & Print

Ms Gingham says: These invitations are gorgeous and oh so stylish! Thanks go to Anna from Download & Print for the templates and downloads.

About Anna: Anna Skye is the designer behind the invitation templates blog Download & Print. Her blog helps do-it-yourself Brides create wedding invitations, ceremony programs and more.