Bouquet charm

Not every wedding craft needs to be something to wow your guests. Some DIY touches, like this bouquet charm, can be purely for your own appreciation.

Bouquet charm tutorial 2

You will need:

  • Various charms. I bought mine from Spotlight but Etsy and Craftumi are worth checking out too.
  • Ribbon
  • Thread (in a similar colour to the ribbon)

Bouquet charm tutorial 2

1. Tie the charms together with thread.

Um, yep, that’s it.

Simply give the charms and ribbon to your florist and she’ll attach it on the day.

Bouquet charm 2

So this might be the world’s easiest wedding craft, but you can pack some serious meaning into it. If you’ve lost someone dear to you, place their photo in the locket so they are with you on your special day. You might also have a favourite quote, a message from your fiancé or a note from someone who couldn’t be there to put in the locket. You could include a charm representing your faith, your interests or your initials.

Thanks to Poppies Flowers for generously supplying the stunning bouquet.

Photography by Alicia Parsons.

Ms Gingham says: I’m thinking this is also a great way to personalize your bridesmaids bouquets. You can add charms that they can then hang on necklaces or bracelets. Sometime the simple things make the most impact.

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