Ana and Luke

I have such a gorgeous engagement shoot to share with you this morning – two very much in love people! The dynamic duo of Aleksandra (Styling and Floral) and Tealily Photography (Photography) pulled together for this shoot and the results are completely beautiful!

Aleksandra explains the concept behind the shoot. “A few months back we arranged a competition for newly engaged couples to enter to win a free engagement shoot styled by Aleksandra and photographed by Tealily.

Couples who entered had to send in an inspiration mood board of their inspiration/concept/theme of their ultimate engagement shoot, a short story of themselves as well as a portrait.

It was a hard choice, but we loved Ana and Luke, they were so young, so dedicated to each other and so very much in love.”

Aleksandra says, “Set amongst a gorgeous Apple orchid in Bilpin, NSW, it was a beautiful autumn day to shoot Ana and Luke, our Traveling Hearts. The city girl and country boy traveled the long distance to be together for many years carrying their heart with them always.”

“Luke and I first met through a mutual friend at a festival. We became friends, and started talking more and more… We had come out of relationships and so we just wanted to be friends, but after getting to know each other more, we realised there were stronger feelings than friendship between us. Living 3 hours apart was also a reason we wanted to be just friends, but after hanging out a few times, there was no denying that it was more than friendship. A few months later, we decided to give the long distance relationship a go… 🙂 2 and a half years later, Luke proposed on a beach in Newcastle, which is where we had decided to move when we were ready to get married…” recalls Ana.

Aleksandra says, “Our approach to the shoot was to feature the strength of love with a long distance romance, hence the name traveling hearts. Our one beautiful flower heart used as a prop throughout the shoot represented two traveling hearts forming to one. The Apple orchard was a perfect location; it depicted wholesomeness with a serene landscape. The feeling you get when you leave the city, at one with nature, no interferences, casual and comfortable and just moments to enjoy each other.”

Ana and Luke married in June, 2011.