Oh cake! Cake is one of my favourite wedding elements – it combines art with something for my tummy. Always a winning combination! Patricia from Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes creates the most delicious and also beautiful cakes – each one their own work of art! I’m thrilled to have Patricia share her pearls (or is it crumbs? or sprinkles? or chocolate buttons?) of wisdom today on Polka Dot Wisdom!

Tell me a little about yourself?

I always felt that I had a creative gene in me. I know I love looking at beautiful things … and then later in life I discovered my passion for cakes.
So cake decorating is just the perfect way to combine these two elements, it enables me to express my artistic side as well as baking delicious cakes.

How long have you been passionate about baking? What led you down this career path?

I came from a background where we had maids helping us with the chores such as cleaning and cooking, hence I never knew about my passion in baking until I came to Australia when I was 15. But it took another 10 years before I baked my 1st batch of muffins! While working as an Accountant, climbing the corporate ladder, my fascination towards cakes grew. But cake-decorating is another different world from normal baking. It all began when a dear friend brought in an array of the most gorgeous cupcakes to my baby shower. Since then my fascination towards baking expanded to cake decorating, and combining that with my baking credential, Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes was born in 2008.

What sets you apart from others?

The cakes are consistently yummy! I also have a distinct design style that is Simple, Feminine and Romantic. I tailor each wedding cake design to suit and reflect the couple I’m making it for.

What inspires you?

I love all things ‘weddings’! So I have a big collection of bridal publications and I read lots of blogs… I like to look at bridal gowns, fabrics, floral arrangements, stationery, accessories … anything gorgeous! But lately I’m trying to look beyond ‘weddings’ … so I’ve started looking into some Architectural, Culture and Visual Art publications as well. I also love flowers… sadly I have a black thumb!

What do you love about designing cakes? What is your design philosophy?

I see it as an opportunity to collate some of those inspirations that I have collected from various sources into a visual object.

My design philosophy is : Less is more.

Do you offer options for people with food allergies – e.g. gluten free, egg free?

We certainly do, except for ‘dairy-free’. Some of the dairy products that we use are very specific and there are simply no substitutes for them.

Do you have a shop front – if so, where is it located?

Our petite and intimate studio is located in Kingsgrove, NSW.

What is your number one tip for brides?

Follow your instinct & go for what you really want. It’s good to have a budget, but don’t lose sight the fact that you’re only getting married once. I have come across too many brides (including myself!!) that said : ‘I should have….’

Tell me about your dream wedding? What sort of cake would you create if money was no object?

I’m a simple person… I love simple but beautiful things. When it comes to wedding, ‘White’ is my absolute favourite colour! So my dream wedding would be a rustic country wedding with vintage theme … lots of white linens and drapes….. outdoor garden ceremony surrounded by white gardenias or magnolias … and lots of candles in the reception.

For the wedding cake, I would get one of Ron Ben-Israel’s creations! I would request a White wedding cake decorated with White sugar magnolias!

What are your favourite wedding ideas?

My vote goes to ‘Destination wedding’ which can double up as honeymoon.

What do you love about Australian Brides?

I love the way they embrace cultural diversity … they are open to fresh ideas which makes it very exciting for me as a cake designer.

What should brides start with when they’re planning their cake?

They need to have secured the venue, have some idea about the style of their wedding, and approximate number of guests. I would recommend that they do a little research and start collecting inspirational boards too which they can use as reference material during consultation.

What are some unusual or new ideas you’ve seen, that brides could use?

Not long ago, I stumbled across a picture of Oreo wedding cake!! It’s certainly not your ordinary wedding cake, and I must say it’s also not my cup-a-tea ☺

5 things a bride must get right?

1. CAKE! – Although you may think it is just a cake – your wedding cake will be the centre piece of your wedding reception, hence the eyes of your guests will be drawn to it. So it’s important to match the style and theme of your wedding. Last but not least, your wedding cake needs to be delicious!

2. DRESS – Your wedding dress should be beautiful and eye catching enough to capture the attention of the whole crowd. You also need to feel good and comfortable in it.

3. SHOES – they need to be gorgeous as well as comfortable. Remember, you will be on your feet the whole day. Pack up a pair of flats & Bandaids just in case you need them!

4. MOOD – don’t allow any small setbacks to ruin your mood on this important day. Setbacks will become set-backs when you respond wrongly.

5. ‘THANK YOU’ note – let your guests know how much you appreciate their presence and generosity in giving you beautiful gift/s

A big thank you to Patricia for joining us today on Polka Dot Wisdom! Check out more of Patricia’s delicious sweet treats over on her website!