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Glenn and Beth

“Glenn and I met during last call at a local bar. My friend had forgotten her coat and so we went back to search for it, and instead, my eyes found Glenn. Neither of us had gone out hoping to meet anyone (in fact, a few hours earlier, Glenn had remarked to his friend how they’d never find any quality girls at this particular bar) … but when his friend saw me looking their way, he called me over and introduced Glenn and I. From then on, it was an easy fit blending two lives into one.

I think I knew earlier than Glenn that he was my one and only … and this proved stressful for me as time, and hopeful engagement moments, went by. Glenn finally put his plan into action after we successfully survived our first vacation together; a 2 week trip to Ireland. It took him 3 attempts to speak with my parents about his intentions, but he managed to sit down with them about a month later and ask their permission.

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Finding the perfect ring came easily for Glenn; he says that it jumped out at him from the display. He knew of a family ring that I loved, and he was able to find a new one that had memories of that ring, but was uniquely our own. Then, so he tells me, he began to rack his brain for the perfect plan. In the end, I inadvertently thwarted what he had in mind, as I wasn’t feeling well on the day he wanted to visit the park where we had our first date. He had been mentally preparing himself since picking up my ring the day before, and as a result, he just couldn’t wait any longer. So, me in sweat pants, sweat shirt, and a toque … him down on one knee in the dining room … he told me why he couldn’t wait another day, and asked me to marry him. 🙂

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When it came time to do engagement photos, we knew we wanted something different. Although the outdoors are beautiful, I wanted something that felt more stylized. Themed shoots aren’t very popular in our area of Canada, so we had to find a photographer who was up for the challenge. Brent Foster was, and he encouraged our “Going To The Theatre” styled photos. You see, Glenn and I love going to the theatre, whether in town or nearby at Canada’s famous Stratford Festival.

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To tie our engagement photos into the vision we have for our wedding, we felt we needed to do something with a vintage flare. The Clock-Tower Inn in a small town nearby was a perfect fit, and came through with a great dress for me. We’re creating a vintage/music themed wedding to ‘marry’ our two loves together; Glenn music, me vintage. We found an old re-worked theatre nearby and can’t wait to see all our DIY handi-work come together … 20 piece Big Band, cabaret lamps, photowall … we can’t wait!”

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Photos by Brent Foster Photography – Photojournalist

Ms Gingham says: What a beautiful theme for an engagement session. I love the formal shots that make these photos something a little extra special. Thanks so much to Beth and Glenn for sharing them with us!

Beth describes herself as: “Canadian Bride challenging traditional wedding rules to design her dream nuptials. DIY is her middle name.”