Good Morning Polka Dotties! I am so ready to kick off another week of Polka Dot Bride inspiration!

First up, as always, a nod and a big cheer to our amazing advertisers including the Ms Polka Dot’s Directory members! From photographers, bakers, stylists, dress designers, stationers and even cinematographers our Directory is filling up with more vendors every week who are not only inspiring at what they do but good at it too! Check out Ms Polka Dot’s Directory now and see which vendors take your fancy!

This week’s vendor of the week is the lovely Adori Studios. Based in Queensland but traveling internationally, Robeccer McLean of Adori Studios strives to offer photography that is “real, beautiful, creative and authentic” and captures this essence in her photographs.  I love the candid smiles she’s captured and also the dramatic captures of the Queensland landscape which compliments it and tells the story.

To learn a little more about Adori Studios, we asked Robeccer five questions in five minutes!

What is your favourite after five drink?

Bubbles, French is good.. really good! ( I tell my hubbie it doesn’t give me a hangover  – hehe)

Your favourite weekend getaway?

I am living in the most beautiful spot in the world, I think..but I love to have the weekend off and just spend time having fun with my hubbie and kidlets, going to the beach, eating, having friends over. BBQ’s…this is my perfect weekend!

Favourite restaurant?

I haven’t found my favourite one up here yet..must have to get out more and try a few (lol) I do love Thai, Indian… anything yummy really!

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Pancakes for sure, Anthony my husband is the pancake chef in our house, can’t say I am overly fussed about them but with 3 small kiddies, it’s the staple now !

Your favourite wedding story?

I just booked a wedding and their story is lovely.
The bride to be called a man to install her a new security door for her new home…3 years later it broke so she called him back to fix it…in 4 months they will be married , he knew who she was the moment she mentioned her name..he never forgot her…awww goes to show you never know where the right one for you is lurking, haha!

Visit Adori Studios’ page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week! Adori Studios is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory