Have you considered a winter wedding?

I love weddings at any time of year but a winter wedding is something special.

The light is beautiful all day, soft and warm, so beautiful for photography.

Late afternoon or the ‘magic hour’ as we photographers call it due to the warm, glowing quality the light can have, always seems to be the time we take our couple shots. Shooting in the cold needn’t be uncomfortable either, after all, you have the dearest person in your life to keep you warm with endless cuddles and you can wear your favorite fur/fake fur shawl which always looks cool and the groom doesn’t have to worry about becoming a ball of sweat in his suit. Aside from the beautiful winter light there’s the added benefit of it being easier to book your favourite venue and suppliers.

Winter weddings have a cosy, intimate indoor feel that makes you want to cuddle up and feel close. I guess if the cold temperatures still don’t appeal to you, but you want get married in winter, there’s always Fiji or Mauritius … as a last resort.

All images courtesy of Xiss Wedding Photography.

Ms Gingham says: So what do you prefer? A heatwave or a cold snap? Of course, it doesn’t have to be all about extremes but if I had to choose between makeup melting off my face and a little morning frost I know which one I’d choose! Thanks to James from Xiss Wedding Photography for dispelling some of the winter wedding trepidation!

James says: “I love wedding photography. To be around people in love is such a buzz. To share and document their joy and excitement during this profound day is a real thrill and responsibility I never get sick of.”