Amy and Jon

I feel transported into the warm sunshine with the beautiful Melbourne wedding I have for you this afternoon.It’s relaxed, full of joy and full of beautiful blooms – a nice treat for a Tuesday afternoon!

Amy shares the story of how she met her husband. “We met at university doing some postgraduate study in law. The subjects were pretty dry, and our friendship developed around coffee breaks and group exercises. I was living interstate at the time, and when I moved back to Melbourne Jon asked me out. We felt so happy and at ease with each other, our relationship just seemed to take its own course.”

This afternoon’s photographs are by Louisa Bailey. I love Louisa’s mix of candids and classic shots – of details and atmosphere and the crisp clean colours she captures in every photograph.

Jon wore a suit from Joe Black The Tailor.

Friends and family were a highlight of Amy and Jon’s wedding day Amy recalls. “Most of the people involved in creating our wedding were family and friends. My girlfriend Sally owns a fantastic flower shop Pash, which did the flowers. My brother’s girlfriend Shelley Cox is a very talented graphic designer, and she did all the stationary and styling. And our friend Louisa was the photographer.” Amy wore a gown from ncln Collection and her bridesmaids wore gowns from Mr K.

Amy and Jon held their wedding at the Abbotsford Convent. They started with a ceremony in the beautiful gardens.  The tune to which Amy walked down the aisle was a heartfelt one, she recalls. “My uncle is a professional bagpipes player so he piped me down the aisle.”

Amy says “Our wedding was happy, relaxed and full of love.”

Amy recalls, “All of our close family and friends were there. We were particularly lucky to have our 4 month old baby, Hugo, in attendance.”

Amy says “The photos were taken around the beautiful gardens and historic grounds of the Abbotsford Convent. There are so many beautiful locations within the grounds that it was difficult selecting a few. We were also keen to join the party as soon as possible so we didn’t allocate much time for photos. The weather was magnificent, and the light filtered through the trees creating quite an ethereal feel.”

The couple held their reception in the Abbotsford Convent Rosina room following canapes and cocktails in the Rosina courtyard.

Speeches were filled with love and laughter, but the bride and groom skipped one tradition. ” We didn’t have a dance! Jon’s only request for our wedding was that there be no awkward first dance. We are both fairly uncoordinated and don’t like being the centre of attention, so it suited us both to sidestep that particular tradition.” Sergei Ercole kept guests entertained.

Congratulations Amy and Jon! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to by Louisa Bailey for sharing today’s photographs!