Some Do’s and Don’ts when writing your vows …

Photo by Mine Forever

DO make your wedding vows a priority.

It’s easy to get caught up in every other aspect of the wedding. Set aside some time to focus on your vows, whether you choose words that have been provided by your celebrant or craft your own. Your vows should be one of the most important parts of the ceremony.

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DON’T rely on your memory.

I know you want the romantic moment that you see in the movies, where the Bride and Groom speak from the heart and recite their vows to each other … that’s a beautiful thought, but the reality is that the nerves kick in and all of a sudden, you go blank … nothing! By all means, memorise your vows, but always have a back up, have them written or give a copy to your celebrant so that they can prompt you if you forget.

DO get personal.

Your vows should reflect you and your relationship with your partner. You can make cute promises to each other like “ I promise to always put you first – even during the footy season!” These promises can be made alongside the more serious vows, and will often get a laugh from the crowd, this adds to the personal nature of your ceremony.

DON’T get too personal.

It’s good to get personal, but please don’t get too personal; you won’t get a laugh if the joke is only between the two of you. And remember, be appropriate, there are just some things that should stay between you and your partner. Take into consideration your audience, your parents, and possibly grandparents that will be present.

DO ask for help.

Your celebrant can help you write your vows by offering examples or editing what you have written. Your parents or close friends may also offer some advice. It is always a good idea for a fresh pair of eyes to look over them. The most important thing to remember is speak from your heart and it will all fall into place.

Photo by Mine Forever

Ms Gingham says: This is probably the hardest form of public speaking because not only are you speaking from the heart, to the person you love, but you also have an audience! Thanks go to Melissa from Mine Forever for these great tips!

My name is Melissa and I consider it a privilege to play a part in a couple’s history together. To share in one of the most significant moments of their lives. I am in my 30’s and have been married myself for 15 years. I offer an alternative to the ”old lady” celebrants for those couples looking for someone with whom they can relate and feel comfortable with. Someone who will create a ceremony with beauty and meaning.

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