Ski Boot Wedding Cake

A cake is just a cake right? Something sweet to serve at the end of the meal, a tradition? Wrong!

Weddings are representations of a couple’s style, taste and their love and life together. So why not express these things through every detail of your wedding, including your cake. We are really lucky to be able to turn client’s dreams into reality, however big or small and some of our favourite cakes have definitely strayed from the traditional tiered, sugar flowered creations. Not that there is anything wrong with these beautiful cakes, but by thinking of the cake as a canvas or as a sculptural form, you can treat your guests to a jaw dropping moment. That’s why we were so excited when, in early April, Chris was commissioned to fashion a wedding cake into boots, a snowboarding boot and a ski boot for a couple who were mad about the snow. Why boots? Why not?

Over a week Chris painstakingly sculpted the boots from cake and added the finer details in icing. Closely studying the boots at every new step to make sure the shape, detail and colours were perfect.

People’s reactions to the boots are really interesting. When shown the photo most people say “Yeah, it’s a pair of ski boots, what’s the big deal?” but when we explain that the boots are actually made out of cake and icing, there is always a fabulous response. It is so fun making edible sculptures for people’s special events and unlike the ice sculpture a cake sculpture can be served as dessert. We were thrilled with the outcome, what do you think?

Photography by Cake Occasions

Ms Gingham says: It’s not often that I’m rendered speechless … I had to double check that the photo of the cake was actually the cake and not the original boots! Amazing!

About Cake Occasions: Principal designer, Christopher Chavez, has more than 15 years experience as a professional cake artist. With a reputation for creativity and imaginative cake art, Christopher has the ability to transform client dreams into reality. We specialise in creating beautiful cakes for events including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, corporate events and fundraisers. Cake Occasions will accept any creative challenge, to ensure that your cake occasions become memorable events.