This is a DIY sewing project to make a tea bag wallet, a perfect gift for a Kitchen Tea present.


Piece of fabric for the exterior, 21cm x 30cm
Piece of fabric for the interior, 21cm x 30cm Fusible interfacing, 21cm x 30cm (optional)
Fancy button or fabric covered button
22cm Ribbon or Lace trimming
Small press stud
Sewing Machine


Step 1: If using, iron interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric you are using for the exterior of the wallet.

Step 2: Pin right sides of interior and exterior fabrics together. Use your sewing machine to join with a 1cm seam allowance around both long edges and one short edge leaving an open pocket.

Step 3: Turn the pocket inside out, and iron flat, folding the open edges in and pressing closed.

Step 4: With the interior fabric facing you, fold the bottom of the rectangle up 7cm and press flat. Pin in this position and tuck your ribbon into the open seam at the new halfway point.

Step 5: Using your sewing machine, top-stitch around the outside edge of the rectangle leaving a 0.5cm gap from the edge. Close the pocket up, securing the folded flap and the ribbon at the same time.

Step 6: To create a tri fold that closes neatly, measure, fold and press your wallet into three sections. The section on the very right should be a little smaller than the middle and left sections to ensure the wallet closes nicely. Once pressed, use your machine to stitch on the folds starting and finishing on the inside edge of the top stitching from step 5.

Step 7: Turn the wallet over and sew on by hand one half of your press stud to the front middle edge of the wallet.

Step 8: Make sure the ribbon is the correct length to reach the press stud when wrapped around the closed wallet, trim if necessary. Sew button onto the end of the ribbon on the “front side” and the other half of the press stud onto the underside.


Step 9: Fill with the bride’s favourite teas and give as a special gift on her kitchen tea.

Images by Dandi

Ms Gingham says: This is such a cute idea. Use your imagination and you can customize it to suit any taste if your bride is not a tea drinker. How about filling the pockets with perfume sample bottles or soaps and lotions to name a few?

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