I have this problem with blogging. Sometimes I sit on something so long- it stays on my desktop, open in a tab, or even sent to myself in an email. I look at it once a week, play with it, think to myself “I really need to blog it” and then suddenly everyone else has and I’ve forgotten again. So today, I want to share something I’ve been meaning to for ages, something that I turn to in my coffee breaks, that I enjoy – like getting mail. This, is my new found love – Pinterest.

I’ve had a “real” inspiration board for just over a year now and so much of it is filled with images printed from the web. Now I have a fast and easy alternative! Pinterest allows a user to virtually “pin” images from all over the web. It references back to the site you found it on so not only is it easy to credit (with each pin referencing the site it was pinned from) but it’s easy to go back to the original site and see more wonderfulness! You can sort boards into categories (I have flowers and cakes and dresses and drinks and lots of home inspiration!) and share, comment and mention other Pinterest members in your pins.

Are you on Pinterest? Let me know so I can follow your inspiration!

Adding a pin is easy with a little bookmarklet you add to your toolbar. Pinterest is currently invite only but they don’t take long to send out invitations (and perhaps if you have spare codes we can share them in the comments?) You can find me on Pinterest here.