Atypical Type A - Fabric rosette tutorial 3

It’s Thursday which can only mean one thing: it’s craft time!

These fabric rosette pins are a really versatile project: give them out to the bridal party, your parents, the ushers… or, if you’re really keen, you can give them to all of your guests like this couple did! You might like to play around with the fabric choice, width and number of layers to make ’em big and ruffly for the girls and go understated with a smaller, flatter style for the gents.

You could even use them to embellish a ring pillow or make an alternative bouquet.

Atypical Type A - Fabric rosette materials

You will need:

  • Fabric cut into strips (I used a 5x145cm strip for a large flower)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Needle
  • Button
  • Brooch back
  • Scissors

Atypical Type A - Fabric rosette tutorial 1

1. Hand-stitch all the way down one side of the length of fabric.

2. Pull the other end of the thread through so that the fabric bunches up (the tighter you pull, the rufflier the result). Tie off the thread.

Atypical Type A - Fabric rosette tutorial 2

3. Arrange the fabric in a spiral so that it forms a flower.

4. Turn over and stitch the back of the flower, making sure all the layers are secured.

Atypical Type A - Fabric rosette tutorial 3

5. Sew the button onto the front centre of the flower.

6. Sew the brooch back onto the reverse side.

What a perfect way to add some vintage charm to your wedding.


Ms Gingham says: Many thanks to Alicia for another inspiring project. I love the idea of an alternative bouquet!

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