What a beautiful colour this is – a little bit pink, a little bit red. A vibrant, joyous colour just right for adding richness to your palette.

Combine with dark grey green and pale pearly grey

–       With Tiffany blue and ivory

–       With Sage Green, plum and pops of orange

–       With Taupe and Dark or Milk Chocolate

–       With Pewter Grey, plum and Indigo

–       With Spring Green, Pale Grey and touches of Olive Green

–       With Slate Blue and ivory

–       With chartreuse and Pewter  Grey

–       With berry pinks and purples and lots of magnolia to soften

–       With Hydrangea Blue and Pale Grey

–       With Ice Blue, ivory and touches of orange or Primrose Yellow

–       With Pewter Grey and pops of Saffron Yellow

–       With Coral Orange, Saffron Yellow, Antique Rose with sparkling Silver

–       White or dark chocolate wedding cake decorated with raspberries, blackberries, red, white and black currents – yum

–       A  secret garden themed wedding with wooden or wrought iron fencing  and pergolas entwined with raspberry branches and grapevines, jars filled with ripening bunches of berries, rosehips and pepper berries, floral or green/white toile tablecloths, weathered wooden furniture, stone flagged floors,  raspberry crockery or wine glasses

–       Favours – potted raspberry plants, homemade raspberry jam,  raspberry syrup, jam drops filled with raspberry jam, mini raspberry cheesecakes, raspberry liqueur filled chocolates, raspberry and lillypilly jelly, Turkish Delight

–       A raspberry based cocktail designed just for you – using raspberry vodka or raspberry liqueur as a starting point

–       Your maids in long floral dresses in a vintage print incorporating the raspberry colour, raspberry shoes, earrings featuring dark green stones

–       Sage green autumn hydrangeas flecked in raspberry, peonies, tulips, berries of all sorts, roses, calla lilies, spider orchids

–       Satin ribbons in various lengths in raspberry, spring green, orange and white hung from old trees, entrances, as ‘bunting’ from railings, tied on the backs of chairs, as an edging on a dessert table

–       Old tarnished metal bits and pieces look particularly nice with raspberry – old boxes, cow bells, lanterns, metal framed mirrors. Use natural hessian as your cloths and set up tablescapes of old metal wares,  pebbles, lichen covered twigs and berries  with raspberry in glassware, napkins, berry colours and crockery

–       Mercury glass vases and dishes, orchids in raspberry and white, white cloths and crockery, silver cutlery, raspberry napkins, white chairs, in a white room with dark timber beams

–       Raspberry tablecloths, old lace or crocheted cloths over the top, mismatched vintage flower patterned crockery and old silver cutlery, silver candlesticks with long tapered candles, peonies and roses with jasmine, lace edged handkerchiefs for favours, small dishes of old fashioned sweets dotted over the tables, pink lemonade

Earrings by SeaAndCake on Etsy, Savoy dress from BHLDN, Gardenia hair flower from OrliniFloral on Etsy, Notepaper and envelopes from NoteMaker