We’re delighted today to have one of Queensland’s most talented stylists Kristy of Imbue Weddings, We’ve worked with Kristy for a number of years and it’s been such a joy to watch her grow and evolve her styling concepts! Today she lets us in on her secrets!

Please tell me about yourself and your background?

I started out in visual merchandising, interior design and floristry. I have a love of vintage treasures and anything French provincial. It’s a little obsession actually!

What inspired you to get into the wedding styling industry?

I had the idea for Imbue Weddings when my own brother was planning his wedding and the lack of really stylish and bespoke options was astounding! Wedding flowers had always been a favourite of mine but I had dreamt of doing something more creative. From the very first wedding I had the pleasure to work on, I was hooked! The combination of beautiful details, the flowers, the dress and the emotion behind the whole day just gets me every time.

What sets you apart from other stylists?

I really listen to the couples own styling ideas but I also have my own well defined loves and these find their way into my designs all the time. It’s when this personal style merges with the couple’s ideas that a one of a kind event is created. My style is pretty eclectic and varied. I guess you could say – a mix of French provincial, vintage with light rustic touches and airy coastal all with a relaxed sophistication and a contemporary edge. Because we use a lot of vintage and antique items our weddings will always have that very unique element to them.

How do you keep on learning and evolving?

I always keep things “out of the box” by putting unexpected things together – pairing colours I haven’t seen together before, mixing styles and textures for new looks. And my clients keep me evolving because they are all different.

How do you keep your product fresh and different?

It’s hard not to use the same products for every wedding because I do fall in love with all my pieces. But in the same breath I am a sucker for anything new. The next couple that walks in my door and starts showing me all their images of inspiration will be my next source of inspiration. They keep things fresh because they are always different and always have such amazing ideas. It’s part of the fun finding and sourcing new products to create the look that they are chasing.

How do you bring out the unique personality of each couple in each wedding that you style?

I ask that from the very first meeting my clients bring as much of their inspirational material as possible. These range from everything and anything! I’ve had clients bring in old photographs of movie stars on their wedding day, a shell or a feather, magazine clippings, fabric samples, even wallpaper! I also ask them a lot of questions. It’s not just about what flowers they like or what they enjoy as a couple but it’s also about the less obvious details. If someone says they love a picture in a magazine I ask them what it is they like, whether they like that fabric or would prefer something with more or less texture, if they prefer the greyer shade of the lilac or would like it pinker.

With every wedding needing to be seamless and unique how do you not run out of ideas, where do you look for inspiration when you’re stuck?

Blogs, blogs and more blogs! I have my set of favourite designers around the world and I am always looking to them for inspiration as well as the blogs which show all the current trends and news from the industry.

What facets of the wedding do you cover in your different packages: Complete Planning, Complete Styling and Partial Styling?

Our complete styling package involves pretty much everything from the design proposal to booking everything in, your layouts and follow-ups as well as on the day set up. Partial Styling is for someone who already has a well defined style they are after and just need some assistance and set up. The complete planning package involves all your planning aspects like invitations, hair and makeup, transport to name a few as well as the logistics side of things like your timelines and schedules as well as budget management.

What do you think is the most common aspect of a couple’s wedding that is over looked when they style their own wedding?

I couldn’t say that there is a one aspect that couples overlook. I would say there are big picture people and there are details orientated people. If you are one or the other it will be obvious on the day. There will either be a good layout and a lack of genuine details or almost too much detail and a lack of cohesion tying it all together. So it’s very important to figure out which one you tend to be and try to remember to do the other as well.

What is your number one tip for prospective marriage couples?

Hire a planner. They really are worth their weight in gold. They take all the stress out of the planning experience and you can focus more on the fun stuff. There are so many good planners in Australia.

What do you love about Australian weddings?

They are so unpretentious and heartfelt. You can always tell an Australian wedding because it always seems to have this little bit of rawness to it that stands out.

5 things a couple must get right for their wedding day?

In terms of styling: colour, feel, texture, lighting and layout.

Where do you see your business evolving to in the next few years?

Hopefully we will continue to attract the brides and grooms to be that we have been who are just so creative with their ideas and are some of the loveliest people! If things just keep going as they are I’d be very happy. But there is talk of a flower garden in the near future as well so that we can provide brides with all those flowers and foliages that are hard to get and unusual.

Thank you for joining us today Kristy and sharing a little of your wisdom! You can find out more about Kristy at her website Imbue Weddings.

Images from Imbue Weddings.