Every girl has felt that moment. A time when you have walked into a store or opened a website and you see something that physically takes your breath away.  I’m not talking about my wedding dress, in fact I haven’t started looking for that yet. I have found my headpiece.

Johanna Johnson Harlow Headpiece

I’m intrigued by headpieces and you will find me frequently sewing hundreds of sequins onto a headband for the races. So one day on a mad “vintage” hunt I stumbled across the new Johanna Johnson online store.  Trawling through the pages I laid eyes on my dream wedding headpiece. Small and delicate,  intricately hand-sewn beading reminiscent of a era of understated glamour and modest sensuality. Harlow by Johanna Johnson seemed to embody everything that I want my wedding to be. Vintage, romantic, a little bit different.

Black box

When it arrived I slowly opened the glamorous box and tissue paper to reveal my little gem. It was everything that I imagined.  So now whilst in the midst of organising my wedding, if I feel a little lost, not knowing what option to choose or whether I am making the right decision, I open the Johanna Johnson box and let it whisper its secrets to inspire me again.

Johanna Johnson Handmade in Australia

Melanie says: “I’m a kiwi girl who lives in regional Queensland and am planning a wedding in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Come with me as I experience the perils of organising a destination wedding in one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

Ms Gingham says: The first piece of the puzzle has been found! We can already see the mood of this wedding just with one accessory. Thanks to Melanie for writing such a beautiful post and inspiring us all!

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