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Antony and Lyndall

Our family friend Paul, who I’ve known since I can remember, was our MC for the night and he kept everyone amused with his humour. The guests mingled in the gardens outside the Yacht Club while waiting for the bridal party to arrive and enjoying our “Tondall Blue” cocktails and mocktails.

Another family friend, Maree Dobra catered for the reception including hot and cold cocktail food that kept coming all evening. They filled us up with mini beef and gravy rolls and chicken curry in noodle boxes to make sure no one left hungry. The dessert included the cake served with berry sauce and dark chocolate ganache and fruit platters to dip in a chocolate fountain that was a huge hit with the guests.

The cake was made of 3 tiers decorated with white chocolate shards and blue icing flowers. My mum baked the bottom two tiers of dark chocolate and white chocolate mud cakes and  Tony’s mum baked the top layer of fruit cake. My Aunty Paula, my Aunty Del and my sister Michelle all helped my mum put it together and transport it to the Yacht Club. It looked brilliant and everyone enjoyed it!

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The icing flowers and cake toppers were made by my friend Jaimie in Perth as a gift for us. She made them personalised with Tony in cricket whites with his cricket bat and Hunter holding the cricket ball, that went missing during the night. We assume one of the young party guests thought it was a Jaffas chocolate ball!

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Our first dance was to “Wedding Day” by The Beegees.

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The reception was fun and relaxed. We had a photo booth style frame for photos of the guests that most people used and the dance floor was busy most of the night.

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We got all the unmarried girls together for the “bouquet toss”. It was made into a bit of a betting game with odds on who was expected to take the catch with worried partners looking on. Everyone seemed disappointed at my terrible throw going to my bridesmaid Gemma a few feet in front of the pack. The bouquet was so heavy I was worried I was going to take out someone’s eye!


There were quite a few young guests at the wedding so we decided to let them have their own table. They were very well behaved and seemed to enjoy themselves and their ‘goodie bags’! I made them each personalised activity books and goodie bags that they could take home.

We bought Aqua fish leather from Mermaid Leather in Esperance and cut out fish shapes to make into magnets. My mum and I spent a few days making them when I went down earlier on in the year. I was lucky to find some cute handmade gift boxes for the magnets to go in as well. We filled up the boxes with shells and dried coloured fish scales also from Mermaid Leather.

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As you can see we had a lot of family and friends help out on the day that made it very special for us. We really appreciated everything they did for us and were so glad the day ran so smoothly!

Photos provided courtesy of Michelle Martin Photographer. On the day, Michelle was assisted by Natalie Donoghue of Shining Light photography.

Lyndall says: “Enjoyed every minute and we’re so happy we have beautiful photos to remind us of our wonderful day.”

Ms Gingham says: “Antony and Lyndall’s wedding is a true testament to family. It’s so touching to see everyone get involved in this wedding and be truly a part of such a happy event. Thank you to Lyndall, Antony and of course Hunter for sharing their beautiful wedding with us on Polka Dot Bride!”

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