Hydrangea Rose

“And I will make thee beds of roses and fragrant posies…” – Christopher Marlowe

Capture the visual beauty of a spring garden, filled with roses and hydrangeas with your invitation of love. Using the feminine and exotic Hydrangea Rose design from our new Love and Lustre collection. Do-It-Yourself to make your gorgeous invitation as it is sure to evoke the essence of a Spring wedding.

Bride 1

Hydrangea Rose Invite

Step One

Take a piece of A4 Hydrangea Rose Paper designer paper and Blush designer card and trim to 148 x 105mm.

Step Two

Print or photocopy wording onto Luxury Linen Paper using the template provided below. Remember to cut the shape out using the black solid line as your guide.

Step Three

Cut out a piece of ribbon to a length of 310mm and thread through diamante buckle from back to front.

Diamante Buckles Sq2

Step Four

Make two slits into the luxury linen paper on either side of the type and insert ribbon. Run an adhesive tape roller along the back of the ribbon and attach to the Hydrangea Rose paper. Tuck the ends of the ribbon around the back of the paper and fasten with adhesive tape roller for a neat finish.


Border template to be used to print wording.


Photography by Cristina Re Designs

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Ms Gingham says: “For those of us without a creative bone or a graphic design background and let’s face it that’s a good percentage of the population, Cristina Re’s workshops are a blessing! These designs really cry out spring! I can almost smell the flowers from here … I wonder if they come in “scratch and sniff”?”