Cake decorating is one of those talents that continually blows my mind- sugar flowers fondant rolling, piping.. There is such an art to it and when it’s done beautifully it looks absolutely stunning! Cake Occasions Chris & Alisa make some of the best cakes in Sydney and I’m honoured that they’re letting me pick their brain today and share some of their secrets!

Please tell me about yourself and your background?

CHRIS – Chris has been surrounded by baking and cake design for close to his 39 years. Chris’ parents owned and ran bakeries in The Philippines and in Australia and Chris worked with his parents and helped his mum with the cake decorating.

In the 90’s Chris started working for Sweet Art and then moved on to Planet Cake when it opened in 1996.

ALISA – My background is in hospitality management and public relations. I also have a great passion for writing, popular culture and literature

What inspired you to get into the cake artist industry?

We started Cake Occasions in 2006 after the birth of our second child. We had a desire to work for ourselves and in a family friendly environment. Initially Chris was drawn to Sweet Art as it was a way to combine his two talents and passion, art and baking.

What sets you apart from other cake artists?

Cake Occasions has a very distinct style. With each design we try to come up with something new, challenging and beautiful.

We like to push the boundaries and encourage our clients to think beyond the square and to use Chris’ ability to draw and create new and exciting designs to set their events apart from other couples

What other mediums do you practice your art with?

CHRIS – Chris was a DJ for a longtime, but the late nights coupled with 3 little boys and long, physical hours of making cakes have since ended his musical career. He also paints, sculpts and is a pro road bike rider.

ALISA- I love to write and read anything and everything.

Do you feel media coverage from television shows such as Cake Boss have given your craft more exposure and resulted in more business?

I don’t think the shows have led to more business but they have certainly inspired people to learn how to make amazing cakes and have definitely given people an insight into how much work goes into making these sort of cakes.

What is your favourite part of your job?

CHRIS- Being challenged each week to make new and amazing cakes. Always creating edible artwork and meeting with clients and discussing and design their perfect cake.

How long does it take on average to make one of your elegant wedding cakes, what step takes the longest?

Some of the larger cakes can take 2 -3 days to construct and decorate. If there are lots of sugar flowers this takes even logger as Chris makes each petal, stamen and leaf individually.

Where do you look for inspiration when making a new design?

Inspiration can come from anywhere. A colour, stationary, lace, the inlaid covers of old books.

How do you keep your product new and different?

We try to design our cakes for each individual client and draw inspiration from their event.

Are there any limits to what you can do in a cake, or is it as far as the imagination can stretch?

As far as the imagination can stretch – Chris is working on a replica of The Arc De Triomf in Barcelona for a couple who were engaged there.

How do you transport the cakes to the different venues without damaging them?

All our cakes are delivered by Chris and are boxed up tightly and driven slowly. The cakes are also constructed with centre poles and supports.

What are 4 things a couple must consider when in the market for a wedding cake?

1. If you would like a bespoke wedding cake choose a cake designer who is professional, comes with recommendations and has ample experience.

2. Cost – wedding cakes are not cheap, look at them as an artwork. They take hours of physical labour and skill to produce.

3.Before you see a cake designer have an idea of what you would like or at least the colours, flowers and motifs you will be using. This allows the designer to create something that is uniquely yours.

4. Taste – make sure you are able to sample the cakes on offer. The cake must not only look but taste magnificent.

Where do you see your business evolving to in the next few years?

We like to keep it simple – we are looking forward to making more amazing cakes for great couples.

Thank you for joining us on Polka Dot Wisdom today Chris and Alisa! You can find more of Cake Occasions stunning creations on the Cake Occasions website!