Late last year I was intrigued when funny little photos kept popping up on Twitter

Then the day came when I saw why…

Pobke Photography from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

Christine Pobke teamed up with Hailey Bartholomew of You Can’t Be Serious to produce a video that really shows who Pobke is. I’ve said it before, video is a brilliant way to let your clients in on who you are, what you love and what you do. This video lets us in on Christine’s fun personality and tells a little of her story- how she grew up loving people, colour, laughter and happiness and ended up photographing it all! I love this video and can’t wait to see more from Christine and Hailey!

Produced by Christine Pobke
Directing and cinematography by Hailey Bartholomew
Music composition by Tristan Courtney
Vocals by Sally Gawley

Christine Pobke
Keira as Zebra Girl
Zali, Poppy, Harriet, Ruby, Connor, Declan, Lizzie, Bronwyn, Georgia, Lily, Daniel, Caleb, Tyanna, Joshua, Oliver, and Edie
Dan O’Day as Balloon Guy
Samm Blake as Balloon Gal

Special thanks to:
Thea McGrath
Clinton Pobke
Kelly Tunney
Dan O’Day
Samm Blake
Robyn Geering
The Bartholomews