Luke and I wanted a honeymoon to remember filled with excitement and adventure and stories to last a life time. We didn’t want to go to a normal honeymoon destination, so after a month or two looking at travel books we decided on Botswana, the Okavango Delta. We have both always wanted to go on a Safari in Africa. We thought we would end our honeymoon in Mauritius for one week to relax and sit by the pool and drink cocktails.

I found an African company called And Beyond. Their website looked amazing and we immediately fell in love with the idea. As I booked this trip myself, I found the service in South Africa amazing. Very helpful and easy to book yourself. We first flew to Johannesburg for a night and stayed in a hotel only 10-15 minutes from the Airport called Metcourt (in a complex called Emperor’s Palace, filled with restaurants, bars and a casino). A safe place to walk around at night. But still be on alert, as people are allowed to walk around with guns in certain areas).

The next day we caught ‘a not so safe plane’ to Maun, Botswana. (Maun is a very safe place, I rather walk around Maun, than Northbridge in Perth).  From here we caught a light aircraft (with many missing bolts in the wings) to our first lodge Nxabega (Okavango Tented Camp).

One of our light aircrafts – note the missing bolts in the wing. Very scary!

A driver picked us up from the ‘airport’ and drove us 45 minutes to our first lodge. We came across many animals on this ride, and we also had lunch while watching hippo’s in the Delta. We had our own private ‘tent’. Stunning, and beautiful.

Our lodge at Nxabega

The lovely people at Nxabega who looked after us

The pool at Nxabega was broken due to a fallen tree. The manager Grant suggest we swim in the Okavango Delta in an area called ‘Hippo Highway’. This is where the hippos cross every night. We swam and drank champagne while listening to baboons in a nearby tree, and also listening to hippo’s a couple of hundred metres down the stream. A beautiful experience!

We had our own decking which looked out into the Delta. It’s a open lodge area, so animals, e.g. elephants, hippo’s walk past your front door. We went on many game rides, mokoro (canoe) and motor boats through the Delta, every day.

Our first game ride. 5 minutes into our drive, we came across a family of giraffes

Every night  we had a night game ride. As the sun sets, we watch this spectacle while drinking wine and beers

The smallest plane we catch in Botswana –  3 seater

After a few days here, we caught another light aircraft to our next lodge in the Delta, Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge. Once again, the most amazing lodge I’ve ever seen! A massive private look out in front of our lodge were we heard the sounds of many different animals – very scary at night. We armed ourselves with our camera tripod stand. Very funny when we think about it!

Our lodge at Sandibe

Our private deck at Sandibe

Pool at Sandibe

Fishing for Tiger Fish in the Delta on a motor boat.

While on the motor boat, we came across an angry elephant, which chased us down the canal.

Night drive, following lions after a kill

Cheetah, keeping a look out

A baby impala 1-2 days old

Mother lion with her babies

Enjoying a cup of tea while watching hippo’s

Mokoro ride – looking for hippo’s and elephants

Lions just in front of our car

Our 4WD

Vultures in a tree. We learned this meant there was a kill nearby

We came across elephants, lions (with cubs), cheetahs, leopards, hippo’s, impala, the list goes on and on. The Okavango Delta is a beautiful place, and the lodges we stayed in were stunning. The people were amazing, and the food and drinks were stunning. We were fed up to 5 times a day, and endless drinks any time of the day. We also had traditional African song and dance at night while we enjoyed our dinner.

Both lodges surprised us with a bottle of champagne and candles when we arrived home after dinner. It was a beautiful surprise!

We then flew back to Johannesberg for a night, after which we flew to Mauritius and stayed at Sugar Beach Resort. A beautiful resort, with two big pools, 3 restaurants and located on a beach. They also make the best cocktails. When staying here, you have the option of paying for an all inclusive package (all meals and drinks (including wine/cocktails) included). I would strongly suggest this package.It might sound expensive at first, but at least you don’t have to worry about money on your honeymoon and you can order and drink what you like.
We booked a private driver (around $50AUD for 6 hours).
A beautiful and relaxing country.

Pool at Sugar Beach Resort – Mauritius

Sunset at Sugar Beach Resort

Free sailing boats to hire as part of our package at Sugar Beach Resort

Casela Park – Mauritius

Cheetah at Casela Park.

Walk with the lions

Luke and I still pinch ourselves that we did such an amazing holiday. I don’t think we could ever have an experience like it again. Very happy we decided to go to Africa for our honeymoon.

My amazing husband was the photographer on this trip. He took some amazing photos!

Ms Polka Dot says: What an exciting adventure a honeymoon to the Okavango Delta is! And with a bit of luxury thrown in to soothe you after a day of seeing the wild and wonderful – bliss!  Thank you to Luke and Alicia for sharing your honeymoon trip with us.