This is by Elliott Erwitt of his first wife Lucienne and their first child in their tiny Manhattan apartment in 1953. Elliott has been a big source of inspiration to my work as well as Henri Cartier-Bresson. These photographers both have a very sensitive and unobtrusive approach to their subjects.

I particularly love this shot as it captures the raw moment. It depicts a mundane setting and yet I find it so beautiful at the same time. This image teaches me to be observant and envision the moment, step back and give the subject the space it needs to be itself.

Ms Polka Dot says: Lucy from Lucy Leonardi Photography says it so beautifully. This image really captures my heart!

Lucy Leonardi is a Sydney-based wedding photojournalist.  Her attention to detail make her photographs unique and personal, and her solid design sense and beautiful compositions create works that are elegant and stylish.