For the traditionally inclined bride, there is nothing more elegant than white on white. Feel like a true princess on your wedding day with this classic, yet sophisticated invitation. With subtle layers of shimmering pearl paper, exquisite flock and sparkling silver accessories, this invitation promises a dreamy, opulent and irresistibly romantic affair.

Step One

Print or photocopy desired invitation wording onto a sheet of plain paper, such as the shimmering pearl pictured. Allow enough space on the left side, approximately 75mm, for the paper and ribbon. Trim to a size of 140mm x 140mm.

Step Two

Take a sheet of flocked paper with  a horizontal design and carefully cut out a panel using a pair of sharp scissors or a paper trimmer. Trim to a length of 140mm and carefully attach to the top of the invitation with adhesive tape.

Step Three

Cut a piece of white ribbon to 150mm. Adhere to the invitation using an adhesive tape roller. Tuck the ends around the back of the invitation and fasten for a neat finish. Cut another piece of ribbon to 120mm. Make a buckle bow, please refer to instructions below.

Buckle Bows

Making a pretty buckle bow is easier than it looks. You need only a buckle and a length of ribbon to create this beautiful, yet versatile embellishment. You can learn how to create a single or double buckle bow.

Step One

Cristina Re Buckle Bow 1

To make a single buckle bow, cut a piece of ribbon to a length of 100mm. To make a double buckle bow, cut two pieces of ribbon to 60mm and 90mm. Fold the ends of the ribbon in to the centre as shown and secure with adhesive tape. Be sparing with the tape to ensure the ribbon has a nice loop on either side of the join.

Step Two

Cristina Re Buckle Bow 2

Thread the first bow made in step one through a buckle as shown. The single buckle bow is now complete. If making a double buckle bow, thread the shortest bow through the buckle, and leave the second bow for step three.

Step Three

Cristina Re Buckle Bow 3

To finish the double buckle bow, affix the second bow to the back of the buckle using adhesive tape. Attach these beautiful buckle bows to invitations, menus, booklets and more. The possibilities are endless!

Helpful Hint

When familiar with the process of making a buckle bow, experiment with different ribbon layers and positioning to achieve some exciting and unique looks. Try making the ribbon element for two double buckle bows and join them together to form a small cross. These embellishments look great on bombonierre boxes and lolly bags.

Ms Polka Dot says: Elle from Cristina Re joins us with a project to make your own invitation. We love the scalloped edge on the paper which adds such an elegant touch. Thank you Elle for sharing this project with us.

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