If there is one designer I can always guarantee will send hearts aflutter, it is the majestic Johanna Johnson. Having just unveiled her 2011 collection, hot on the heels of the launch of the new Johanna Johnson boutique and Trousseau collection, Johanna has surpassed it all with the stunning new designs of Templar.

While they still have the sleek, glamorous style that Johanna is loved for, her inspiration from early medieval jewelery is reflected through heavily beaded and crystal set accents. The heavy silk of the gowns is not only luxurious but drapes beautifully on the wearer and Johanna’s accents of collars, cuffs, neck-pieces and accents on each gown create a bold contrast.

I love that Johanna has designed some fuller skirts this year- layers of tulle that have a more “traditional” silhouette while staying true to Johanna’s design vision. There’s lace too – with beautiful shapes straight from Paris. Such a delight for the senses!

Photos from Johanna Johnson